This week on “Question Time” they could have debated the issue ad infinitum: whether or not Osama bin Laden should have been killed.  Watching this it seemed to me that even those who said he should not have been killed were probably not pacifists, and would not go as far as to call for every person on the planet to lay down their arms under any circumstances.  Here is my potted astrological history: George Bush Senior (warrior in past lives, with Mars on the South Node) waged the 1st Gulf War against Saddam Hussain. [You are probably thinking: “does she really have to go back that far?”  I feel I do].  This is one of the events where U.S. interference in the Middle East fuelled resentment in Arab minds and hearts.  Osama bin Laden (warrior in past lives, with Mars on the South Node – not a common aspect, found in approximately 1 in 90 charts) founded Al-Queda dedicated to avenge this interference. Fast forward to 11th September 2001, and up to 3000 Americans were killed under this inspiration in New York.  In the meantime George W. Bush had become President of the United States, fuelled by a spirit of revenge desiring to finish his family mission; and Tony Blair (Mars conjunct the Ascendant, indicating warriorship as a basic character trait of this lifetime personality) had been the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since 1997.  From there, began involvement in Afghanistan for both countries, costing many lives.  2003 brought the Iraq war, finally disposing of Saddam Hussain, but again an entanglement which resulted in many lives lost for the Iraqi people, and U.S. and U.K. forces.  George W. Bush talked constantly of capturing Osama bin Laden, and Barack Obama inherited this baton, which became a focus for justice and possible closure for some Americans.  Finally on 1st May 2011, this was achieved, under Obama’s orders, with Uranus currently squaring the U.S. Venus.  George W. Bush got closure at this point, with the transiting North Node (universal karmic mission) trine his Midheaven (Career and place in history).  From this account, Osama bin Laden, George W. Bush and Tony Blair were prepared to kill many people (despite their religious convictions), and Barack Obama set out to kill just the one.  Some are warriors, some are not warriors but did end up killing, and none of them are professed pacifists or would follow Gandhi or Martin Luther King’s philosophy.  For me, that is the issue.

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Comment by Fintan on May 30, 2011 at 4:03pm

There are tragedy in peoples actions and words. Osama bin Laden was part of actions that would be considered a crime against humanity, nobody doubts that. What we as a civilized world should strive for is justice. Ibama said "justice" had been served. Not really, revenge was served cold and calculated with a "killl mission." Saddam had closer to justice then bin Laden.

I fear these people don't lie but believe what they say and do. Cosmic or not, it scares the shit out of me.

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