We are all GOOD ENOUGH …and so much more!

We are all GOOD ENOUGH …and so much more!

As people are beginning to awaken to the new energies of the coming age, many are asking, “where do I begin?” The answer does not lie in recycling, global warming or demanding democracy across the planet. It lies within; we must start with ourselves.

In the past, we were inundated with a lot of programming which told us we weren't good enough. This hindered the way many people created their lives. Deprived of the knowledge we could create ANYTHING we desired, we often wound up embracing fear, lack and settling for less.

As we progress towards 2012 and The Golden Age, the universe asks us to develop a strong self-image and start turning that old way of being around. We need to embrace the new energy and focus on one fact - we ARE good enough. Doing so will allow us the opportunity to start feeling good enough. It is when we feel good enough we open the doors to unlimited creativity, which allows us to manifest the world we truly desire to live in.

The starting point for all of us is in learning where our power is. Where IS your power? Your true power lies in the act of getting quiet and being still. This action does NOT require a large amount of work. It does not require twenty years of yoga meditation, nor the recitation of a million invocations or activations. We simply need to find a quiet place and be still within. In this manner, we are able to find the essence of joy, peace, love, and life.

There are two voices within us: the fearful, scared voice and the happy, joyous, excited voice. One voice drains our energy and the other lifts us up. We all know the difference between the two. We have all been exposed to people with these different types of energy and we understand how each impacts us.

Our job is to recognize the awareness and be cognizant at that time of our opportunity to choose. We can see it in that moment, in that second and make a choice to shift. We do not need to be in the limitations and density of 3D. We can raise ourselves and fly.

Imagination is such an important part of being human. Being able to imagine light and step into it emotionally is a key component to making this shift occur within. We possess UNLIMITED potential in our imagination. By stepping into any given experience we can choose to guide our imagination in that moment. What we think, feel and see is the essence of what we become.

Our vibration is what attracts circumstances and events into our lives. Maintaining that vibration at an optimum level will help us bring about the change we wish to experience.

Each and every one of you knows that feeling inside, that feeling of being connected to something grander. As you allow yourselves to be just that, be your passion, listen to the subtle voice inside and feel yourself shifting and changing.

See the image of yourself radiating with light and love and step into it. Allow yourself to practice that aspect on a daily basis, as that is who you really are. You are this creative spirit. You are this creative being.

Be the living expression of the spark within you. Let your love flow. Dance like there is nobody watching, sing like there is no one listening, love like you'll never get hurt and live like there is heaven on Earth, because it IS here. We are here in a time when a great wave has come; we are the beginning of a Renaissance. All our powers are here and waiting for us to use them. Now is the time to shift how we think, how we believe, and what we value.

We live in a miraculous world. Let the miracles flow from you. You can turn it inside out. Enlightenment only takes a second and you are never the same again. You have changed and you step out into the world, different. We all are worthy enough. We are all GOOD ENOUGH. We have always been.

Sending Love and Light,
Erica and Dwaine

P.S. Thank you Joanne Smith for adding your sparkling touches during editing. You are a true angel in our lives!

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Comment by Lisa MacDonald on February 17, 2009 at 7:07am
Thank you for posting this. I enjoyed reading it :)

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