We Created the Concept of TIME, the I AM MOMENT IS IN THE PRESENT, wake up LOST SOUL NOW!

A lot of words and many truths, but KISS, keep it Simple Stupid.

Our Individual Spirit/Soul, YOU, need to be in the moment, The I AM, Feeling The Heart&Soul of Great Spirit within the TRUE YOU,...

You KNOW, Our Consciousness created Time from Observation...And is an Earth Time, not Mars, Venus, etc.

SEEING the Earth spin around, darkness to light, the Flatland believers found the Earth was Round, and it took 365 spins to make up a year, and we called all of this TIME, and created words like seconds, minutes, hours, days, 13 month, 28 day Mayan, kind of blows EGO aspect of Zodiac 12 personalities away, and their FREE WILL EGOs not to do Will of God, but their own Wills...

WAKE UP EGO SOUL, Time to Come Back To God's Heart&Soul.

Love, steve

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