Dear Everyone I managed to make it through Cirque De Soleil (a cross between a circus and a rock concert) without a xanax for my social anxiety! I asked for help from Chumanzoo (who is my companion dragon) to deal with anxiety. I also went earlier last wed to do exposure work for the anxiety. I had a fabulous time watching the hunky acrobats do amazing stunts, all in time with the band that was playing. Afterwards I went home to visit my parents. I got a personal-sized pizza at Pizza Hut and took it home to eat. I slept well that night knowing I made amazing progress with the social anxiety. On a scale of 1-10 my anxiety fluctuated between a 3 and a five. The next day I played piano with my mom who plays only classical. We alternated so we could each play for each other. I have a video which I will upload later. We also played scrabble. My mom won by 3 points. My dad made a me and my mom a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. I also had tomato soup. I took the bus back to Portland Maine. Views: 2 Like ShareTwitter

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