What would you do when a nine year old boy started talking to you: "Hey listen, stranger ... you know what I have seen the other day ... I was lying in my bed, a bit scared of the darkness, 'cause there's shadows moving around ... but I fell asleep ... and in the middle of the night I feel like being taken out of my body through a tunnel of light, ending in an open space with two huge doors, doors made out of light". The boy sits a bit uncomfortable; it's the first time to tell the story to a stranger, but he continues. " Next to the door was a man radiating light and asking me if I want to go inside, through the doors ... "There will be a paradise of peace and you don't have to go back to the pain and sorrow of the earth", was what the radiating man told me. I didn't want to go, although I know there would be a steep mountain to climb and when I told the man ... I fell back in the tunnel and woke up in my body in a dark room, no one around, just darkness and the feeling of desolation." Of course you would tell the boy that he should not worry, it was just a dream ... but that boy was me ... no one told me words of comfort, of understanding. It was a different time, many years ago. But the boy was scared, scared of the darkness, scared of all the new things he could see, but didn't understand ... ah, if he only knew the challenges ahead, the beauty of the path, he would know the tunnel of light is a chakra, he would know he left his body through his thrid eye, he would know that guardian angels never hurt him, he would know that the chakra's and the energy became paramount in his connection all over the globe ... okay, now he knows ... his intention is to go back to that doors, open them widely and fly back to the earth with all the 'captured' angels, just to show them the beauty of this earthly paradise. Perhaps they know already ... and is the story of the angels being there, just at the other end of your chakra's, so close that you can almost touch them, the story that people on earth need to know...
Meditation, contemplation ... enjoying the moment there is.

A day full of rich experiences

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