What a Suprise! Just an Ordinary Day!

Who woulda thought. Just a mild southwest Florida day. Blue skies, and fluffy cumulonimbus clouds; the landscapers manicuring the grounds. The ducks hanging around the complex's lake. A gentle breeze rolling in from the Gulf of Mexico. The sounds of children laughing at the playground near my building. All is right in my little corner of the world...and not a chance that anything could make this day fall apart.

The dog asleep on the lanai, snoring actually. I am a bit envious that she can sleep so well...but if I was 126 years old (that's 18 years old in human years) I guess I would being sleeping a lot too. Birds chirping, the neighbor finally cleaning up his sailboat. Bright and sunny. Damn! what a day.

The best part about today? It's just an ordinary day. Nothing extra special. Nothing particular had to happen to make it a great day. Just that amazing feeling like no matter what today is a day that can't lose. You can almost smell it in the air around here. Today is just one of those days, where if something did happen. It just wouldn't matter anyway.

Just kicking back on the patio, writing this little note. Typing away and drinking a cold bottle of minerial water. Now this is living, and I plan on savoring the day. Why?

Because, what a surpise, it's just an ordinary day. Nothing more to it. Nothing needed to be added to it...and nothing can be taken away from it.

Score another great moment courtesy of the "Big Guy in the Sky."

Lou Reed "Perfect Day"

The Perfect ending to the Perfect day!! Pictures, Images and Photos

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