What do you choose? Memoirs of Celebrate Your Life, Chicago

It has been three days since I left the amazing Celebrate Your Life Event http://www.celebrateyourlife.org in Chicago. As I departed I left an old piece of me there and brought with me a new amazing spirit, a spirit more full of love, joy and light than ever before. I am changed and now choose to…
“Shine like the sun for I am radiant beam of unlimited potential” Shayne Traviss

My journey to Celebrate Your Life Chicago began several months ago when I so gracefully came into contact with Liz Dawn, the founder and organizer of this amazing event. Liz and I connected immediately, like we had known each other for an eternity. We share a similar journey and dreams and I was ecstatic to join her in Chicago for the event and work with her to spread the message to the masses.

It was 7:30 PM Thursday and I was meeting my good friend and co-founder of the upcoming Soul Searchers TV http://www.soulsearcherstv.com Yvette Murray at Toronto Pearson airport. My whole entire body was filled with tingly feelings of excitement and I couldn’t wait to see Yvette so we could be on our way and Yeah!!!! There she was, looking as fabulous and full of life as ever. I love that I have such amazing friends in my life, it is truly a blessing!

So we board our plane taking flight to Chicago to attend Celebrate Your Life http://www.celebrateyourlife.org . It was a quick flight but with much turbulence, which made my stomach a bit upset, but nothing was going to take away the excitement I had in anticipation of such an amazing weekend. We landed and rushed off the plane to retrieve our luggage and catch our limo to the Westin Lombard Hotel where the event was to be held. Then I hear a voice behind me “I heard you talking about Neale Donald Walsch http://www.nealedonaldwalsch.com back at the Toronto airport and I was wondering if you are going to Celebrate Your Life” my face lit up with love and light I gave her a big hug and said “Absolutely” ,This amazing lady, Heather was her name, for some reason I kept calling her Mary, traveled all the way from Yellow Knife, Yukon to attend this event. All I had to say was “Wow”

So the three of us Yvette, Heather and I decided to share our limo since we were all going to the same place. We all jump in the limo and to our surprise our driver was an Angel!!!! Well Angela was her name but she was an absolute Angel. We were completely in alignment with each other. Angel was studying Buddhism at Soka Gakkai International USA in Chicago http://www.sgi-usa.org . We shared such an amazing limo ride to Chicago and the whole time chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, for its meaning please click on this link http://www.sgi-uk.org/index.php/buddhism/nam-myoho-renge-kyo

This was just the beginning of our journey! What foreshadowing for the absolutely amazing weekend we were to experience.

Yvette, Heather and I arrived at the hotel for the night and were ready to rise and shine early for a full day workshop with James Van Praagh http://www.vanpraagh.com international renowned Medium and Producer of the Hit CBS series Ghost Whisper http://www.cbs.com/primetime/ghost_whisperer . Little did I know what I truly moving day this would be. James helped me to move spiritual mountains within myself and open up the endless possibilities of what I and everyone else on this planet are capable of. You can hear my personal interview with James Van Praagh on VividLife Radio http://www.vividliferadio.com

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience” James Van Praagh

My goal for this workshop was to develop my own intuition but that was far surpassed when through a very powerful meditation and connection with my workshop partner I was able to truly connect with spirit and actually did a reading that was 100% correct. I spoke information about this lady, who I had met for the first time in my life ,that absolutely no one could have ever known.

Imagine that! The Whole time I was a skeptic but after that it truly opened up my mind to the unlimited possibilities of life. My suggestion: Don’t be a skeptic or fear anything, open up your heart, soul and mind to the limitless possibilities of life. I had spent one day at the conference and already my life was completely changed. I felt lighter, happier and full of so much joy!

Wow there is so much to share with you and I am so excited to pass my experience and excitement on to you so this is definitely going to be long but I guarantee you that it will be worth it! LOL!

The weekend continued to be an absolutely amazing event. We met up with the VividLife Team http://www.vividlife.me , Rose-Anne, John, Darcelle, Mary and Alison from Creo Mundi http://www.creomundi.com , who by the way was recently featured in Time Magazine….whooo! hooooo!!! They all traveled from Toronto, Canada as well. We were also surprise to meet up with people who travelled from Australia, Sweden and England. All I can say is congratulations Liz Dawn you are truly inspiring the world!

Throughout the weekend I was truly inspired by the absolutely amazing workshops and presenters that I attended. I seen Carolyn Myss http://www.myss.com, an amazing energy healer for the first time and was truly inspired to start exploring the field of energy healers. I seen Dr. Bruce Lipton http://www.brucelipton.com , author of The Biology of Belief and one of the most intelligent men on the face of the earth who has changed science and myself forever and opened me up to the power that your thoughts really do control everything about you on every level. You can truly heal your own life! You can hear an interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton with host Rose Anne Kumpunen on VividLife Radio http://www.vividliferadio.com . Saturday evening ended with a keynote presentation and readings by James Van Praagh http://www.vanpraagh.com which was a truly enlightening experience and tapped me into the power of the mind and meditation but also moved many people as they were given the opportunity to connect with relatives on the other side.

Oh and for those of you who think I am weird! I am, and I embrace my weirdness, spirituality and love of life and am truly excited to pass this energy along to you so that you too can embrace the power that is you and unleash your ultimate life potential!

After Saturday night’s keynote presentation Yvette, Heather and I decided to go for a glass of wine at the Hotel Lounge and found ourselves histarically laughing the night away just letting go of the past, not worrying about the future and embracing all the fun within us till the wee hours of the morning.

And again we missed the morning workshops……..lol!

But I did manage to catch Dr. Joe Dispenza’s http://www.drjoedispenza.com workshop who is the bestselling author of Evolve Your Brain, The Science of Changing Your Mind and was also seen in the popular film What The Bleep and teaches about how our thoughts affect our brain chemistry and how to break old patterns. This workshop I have to say was surprisingly one of my favorites. It actually brought me to tears. This workshop actually gave me what you could call a quantum wake-up. It 100% clicked that we chose through our own thoughts everything and every situation that happened to us in our life and that through our thoughts we can change and create anything we want. It has been proven that 1000’s have healed themselves from terminal illness this way and I encourage you to log onto his website http://www.drjoedispenza.com and start with the book Evolve Your Brain. If you’re not into reading pick up the book on CD and listen to it in your car. It will truly transform your life.

Wow! I’m sitting here with so much going through my mind, with so much more to tell you about but I couldn’t possibly put it all in this blog……….I think I could write an entire book! Anyone want to publish it!!! LOL!! Like I said to you in the beginning my life has truly changed and I am so excited to be sharing this with you all and truly grateful that you are listening. Because my mission in life is…

“To creatively inspire others through my journey, teaching them to find their inner purpose, enhancing their connection with source to unleash their ultimate life”

Ok lets continue my journey at Celebrate Your Life http://www.celebrateyourlife.org
Sunday morning I had the great pleasure for the first time to attend John Holland’s, http://www.johnholland.com seminar author of Power of the Soul. Who I had the pleasure of interviewing at the I Can Do It Event http://toronto2009.icandoit.net in Toronto this March. Please do me a favor and visit this man’s website. He is such a sweet heart and one of the most amazing Psychic Mediums I have ever seen.

Well my friends it was drawing near to the closing of Celebrate Your Life and emotions were high but in an amazing way. I have never felt so cleansed, so enlightened, so powerful and by the energy I could feel all around me absolutely everyone around me felt the same. Yvette and I said good bye to Alison, Rose Anne, John, Darcelle and Mary as they had a long journey back to Toronto but Yvette and I weren’t finished yet. We were about to attend the closing ceremony with keynote speaker Dr. Robert Holden http://www.happiness.co.uk Oprah’s favorite expert on Happiness and the founder of The Happiness Project and bestselling author of Happy Now. This man was absolutely amazing, a glass act British delight who used his good looks, charm and witty British humor to powerfully enlighten every person in that room and to pass on the message that the search for happiness is never ending and to be HAPPY Right Here Right Now!

Dr. Robert Holden also introduced me and the masses to Shawn Gallaway http://www.shawngallaway.com who came on stage for a powerful performance of his song “I Choose Love” (listen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMOMgQCRAqM ) which hit me and everyone else in the heart and finalized the event with the most amazing energy that I have ever felt in my life!

Please do yourself a favor and listen to this song it is absolutely a breath of fresh air that hits you right in the heart! The lyrics are also available on his website http://www.shawngallaway.com

In closing my simple synopsis is…

What do you Choose?

You can choose love, or you can choose fear!

Ultimately your life, your thoughts and whatever happens to you is your choice.

You choose your path!

You choose your experience!

What do you choose?

I chose to Celebrate My Life with Love!

Thank you Liz Dawn from all of us for a truly enlightening experience and in memory of your Mom Ariel Wolfe…

“Walk your path with dancing feet and a song in your heart. - Ariel Wolfe

You are amazing, keep shining!


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Comment by Xiomara Ripalda on June 21, 2009 at 5:57pm
Tanks I choose love...And Celebrete My Life with love and ligth....I am fron Ecuador South America,,but I am shining, and I love y bless all of you.

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