Hi all,
I have some wishes for FIFA 16, too.
1.) A "bank cam" for career mode:
It would be nice to have something like a Bank Cam when you are playing in career mode. At the beginning it may happen that you are not playing the whole 90 minutes, so it would be nice to watch the game from the bank (like in NBA 2k15).

2.) A "pic in pic "cam in be a pro mode:
When you are playing the "be a pro" mode with Fifa coins and you only control your own player you have to choose between can focus on the ball or on your player. Sure you can easy switch between this cam modes but it would be great to have a "pic in pic " mode for the cam. I mean when the ball runs out of the screen a little windows shows you where the ball is. Everybody knows this from your TV, right?

3.) easy tricks:
Fifa has a lot of tricks to perform, when your player and you have the right skill. I am not a pro Fifa player an it would be nice if you could choose one or two tricks and assign them to a button. This method is well know at some beat´em up games. ;) But this should be optional, so I am sure all better players don´t want to use this. And please don´t comment this wish with "noob" or "go practice" and so on.

4.) Better KI:
Fifa should have a much better KI f.e. when you play be a pro mode. When you look at PES 2015, your colleagues see when you break through the defense and pass the ball. You don´t have to do anything they look clever. In Fifa you have the full control, which is fine, too. It should be there in Fifa 16 like it is today. But in adition to that they should be more clever like I described above.

5.) more cuteness - emotions:
When I am playing the career mode I would like to have more cuteness with Fifa 16 coins android in the game. It would be nice to see more often the trainer, the crowd, the bank players, and so on. Maybe it is possible to set an option for this because I am sure there are people out there who hate or don´t like cuteness. For me this is thing of making it more realistic. And what is soccer without fans, emotions and all that stuff? Right, boring.

6.) futsal mode:
It would be lovely to integrate a indoor soccer (futsal) mode. I think this kind of soccer is getting more and more fans. I like it and I don´t know if there are plans for another Fifa Street, but I had a lot of fun with this series.

7.) CL and EL:
I know the chance to get the champions league and euro league into Fifa 16 are near zero, but it would be so great to get them into the game.

8.) physics:
The ball physics are getting better every year but for me they are still better in PES. So keep on working on it. In addition to that please continue improving the IGNITE engine. When people crash together it still looks crazy sometimes.

9.) manager mode:
Bring more management tasks into the game. EA has a really great Manager out there. Please take some feature into FIFA to make the manager mode more interesting.

10.) social media:
In NBA 2K15 there is a little funny feature. After a game you can look into your virtual twitter account and read what other player or fans talk about you. This is really funny. It would be great to get something like that in Fifa 16. Or better newspaper articles.

11.) more realistic gameplay:
Sometimes it is very spooky that you players can run 90 minutes full throttle without any problems. This is not realistic. Please look for it and improve the whole gameplay a little bit.

So this is it for now. I hope there are some interesting topics.

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