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In this post I'm going to explain why I think in FUT we need a custom formation editor, and I mean during the squad screen. Giving us the freedom to create custom formations would be great because we'd see more creative squads in the game. Here's an example of a custom formation I made in FM15. cheap FIFA 16 coins

More unique squads
More depth in game-play

People could abuse how many people are in a certain area (But I think in FIFA 15 it has a limitation like how some players can be too close to one another which could be used in this)

People abusing positions on cards (This could lead us to having more then postion on a card, a good example would be Lahm having a DM and a RB card so he can played in those spots without losing chem)

That's my idea really. Its pretty simple just bring the current edit formation thing into FUT. If you have anything to add tell me. This idea was inspired by me playing FM.

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