‘All world religions are already for world peace in this way, as are all humanitarians of whatever ideology’’. Dalai Lama

What is Peace?

This question may seem very classic and trivial to answer, nevertheless if you think carefully; it is not something that you used to know it at the first sight. Today, wherever you go, peace is the topic people vastly discuss in a largely invariable way. It is because people in 21st century call for the peace desperately.
Many of us believe that peace is a situation where there is no hatred, aggression, fighting, terror or distrust. For me, it is to a certain extent true but peace in authenticity means an intact balance of inner existence and external natural world in the universe. It is universally a state where there is a total absence of inner suffering and outer pain. Where there is peace, there is balance in the universe. There is no destruction of outer environment or ecosystem. With presence of peace, there is an equivalent and whole share of love, friendship, and tolerance, honesty, impartiality and boundary in the outer world.
In view of that it is a promising and practicable to cherish the situation. The reason being, the love, friendliness, trust, compassion, tolerance etc are inherent within each of us and we can bring them into play to our own respective environment.
Since the inner qualities are our inborn treasures. No one has to purchase them. These are essence of all our life and validity of the nature. If each individual stylishly stands for peace and justice day by day through treasuring these values that increase while utilizing rather than exhausting, we can bring the end of physical destruction, injury, oppressions, wars and mental fear or sorrow. Hence, there will be a state of calm, harmony, healthy and absence of agitation which we call peace.

Peace is timeless

Basically, when we talk about peace, the meaning, conception, application and recognition of peace can be different with religion, culture, or subject of study. In genuineness, peace is the central ruling law of existence or fundamental nature of universe. Peace is equally same for every one despite of diverse acknowledgment. It is the most basic to all of us. Peace is within us and it starts from our hearts. It is timelessly your true nature.

From One’s Own Culture

As far as my awareness is concerned; there are numerous treatises and messages of peace from the great souls. One of them is the philosophy of Lord Buddha the Tathagata. His interdependence view and inspiration enlighten us about the action of nonviolence as the ultimate solution for everything. This view is scientifically opined not for only mankind but also for every living being. It can motivate a vision of universal responsibility among everyone. I usually feel that the idea of interdependence is the main pillar of peaceful universe. In a profound reality, we are coexisting in the world system with this law. This philosophy is in fact all about law of nature and how to follow the ultimate truth of reality and existence.

Everyone Can Be Lamp
There is quotation by Lord Buddha that i like very much. Its indeed very practical. ''Be ye lamp unto yourself''. This is one of a very powerful message in the peace point of view. From a broad sense, we can make this world a sanctuary or a zone of peace merely through this very vision despite of many other ways. The reason being, peace begins or violates from individual level. If each of us is capable to be a peaceful individual, then each of us can make a difference globally.
We can create our world a home of lasting peace. If everyone in this world could be a lamp for oneself, then there will be light of peace everywhere since everyone is everywhere. Hence, the darkness of world will disappear noiselessly and halfheartedly.
Historically, since from the time immemorial, mankind has been striving ceaselessly in quest of peace. The light of peace was the meaning of their lives. In fact, it is not something that you have to strive to find, win or buy. This light of peace is always there within your core since from the very first breath. However, one lacks the wisdom to enjoy this luxury, because darkness of ignorance has kept it under wraps from a subtle level.

Universal Responsibility

Most of spiritualists assert that peace can be achieved only through meditation. I confidently feel that this view is levelheaded and precise. A well known Tibetan spiritual master, Dza Paltrul Rinpoche in his treatise stated that peace can be experienced through training of the mind. Training of the mind entails that watching out your mind in order to keep away from involving in negativities. This idea is a very powerful and effective method to promote peace.
Nevertheless, I also believe that there are so many other ways to achieve peace. For example, His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet pioneered the 'Universal Responsibility'. It has immensely contributed for world peace and happiness. So everyone can perform something different but beneficial for the whole universe.

Sound Education

Equally through imparting good education to global children and shielding inclusively the world environment, we can also build a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.
Today, paradoxically, it is appreciative that many different peoples and communities are trying to build up various lifestyle and disciplines to create a world peace. They practice their own cultural root to bring a peace in the society. In spite of that, there is a common system for the root to peace. That is the cultivation of mindset and promotion of natural balance through a sound education. The spirit of education must be enshrined on nonviolence and universal responsibility. Without education, all the negative thoughts capture the mind of man and create fears in heart. Thus weapons and boundaries are made. Therefore, it is primarily important for all the nations of the world to impart a sound education to the world new generations which is based on the character building of the peaceful world citizen.

World Great Personalities

In the ancient, many great personalities including Mahavir,the founder of peace , Gautam Buddha, founder of ultimate truth and universal love, Kabir, the great poet of wisdom, Guru Nanak, the divine path founder, Jesus, the preacher of love for all, Socrates, the pioneer of philosophy, and so on in the ancient times primarily trained their minds. That way, they have contributed immensely in the process of equal, just, peaceful, healthy and brilliant civilization which we enjoy in the present day. At same time they also encouraged to preserve our home nature. We must learn from them.

With a Single Step

To build a peaceful world, the most important thing is to educate oneself first. As a saying goes, '' A journey of thousand miles begin with a single step''. For example, when we study the historical social reformers in the world, first they have reformed themselves individually and brought great changes in the society. Thus knowing our past is the key for an initial step to gain the future goal.
In the past evolution, the many of people were living in a dark age. It doesn't mean that there was no light. It indicates they were leading an ignorant life. Even in the post modern and modern society, the mankind has paid so much to overcome this ignorance. They know well that ignorance was the source all negativities. Therefore, to rise above it, the education is important for them.

Cultural Exchanges

In general, we all want a peaceful and loving society, but the path and direction of society is full of twists and turns. There are lots of social evils in most of societies. Therefore we must learn to reform them. On the other hand, there are also ideals in every culture and society, it is important to learn from each other. Since the world is transforming into a global village, it is quite essential and need of hour to exchange ideal cultural principles. Subsequently we can get rid of the entire evil barriers in the society. The social evils are the factors which lead to violence. One of the foremost evils is the war.

Prevention is Key

In fact prevention and cessation of war and violence is a simple mission. It is to bring down the negative emotions from each individual’s heart. But how would one initiate it right away? The question is again on education. Education is a universal solution for all problems. It is one of the best ways to cultivate a positive attitude and enhance universal responsibility. Education to every one without any discrimination is a secret key to a peaceful individual and world at large.
One can cultivate and develop love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, thankfulness, kindness and all those good qualities of life from a sound education. These ideal values whitewash and root out the negative factors like hatred, ignorance, jealousy, fear, misunderstanding, greed, doubt, partiality etc. which create the violence, terror and disasters which cause suffering and destruction to our civilization.

War or Peace?

There are numbers of wars and violence happening in our home world every year! If it is to choose or vote on peace or war? Genuinely, no one will definitely choose or vote for war. As a Tibetan, my soul is entirely bound up with peace. Though Tibetans were suffering under the violence and suppression of communist China for exactly 50 years during which more than 80,000 innocent Tibetan people were killed and 6,000 peace schools were destroyed, we have never taken the path of violence and terrorism in the freedom struggle. More over, Chinese brutal regime in Tibet is continuously taken unimaginable or unbearable measure of torture. Still we have kept a strong faith in the teaching of nonviolent principle and never lost determination of peace. Thus, the whole world including educated Chinese support us for our mission of freedom. This shows that every one in depth needs peace.

While every one of us yearns for a peaceful world, why not we all stand for each other to protect and promote peace through means like educating our new world generation. It is a prevention as well as cure. If the major world faiths and science leaders frequently, closely and widely meet and resolve to work together with one mission of peace, no one needs to suffer unnecessarily.


As a student of Tathagata, I believe in the vision of attaining of every sentient being to ultimate peace and happiness. In the context of globalization, I feel the teaching of Tathagata is more relevant in everyday life in this digital interconnected global community.

Einstein quoted, ‘‘religion without science is lame, and science without religion is blind’’. In the scientific world, the physical world has advanced tremendously but inner world is still beginning to explore.

Science in the beginning blindly made intense mistakes in the in quest of natural world. But today, they are learning and leaning on the guidelines of religion principles.
Since all the religious teachings are fundamentally based on development of inner wisdom and cultivation of core values, the essence the religions will become more contemporary and crucial in the days ahead. Thus it is in need of hour for scientists and religious leaders to jointly work towards the promoting of universal peace and harmony.

Generally, I believe that the teaching of Buddha is pluralism. His Holiness the Dalai Lama timely encourages engaging in various faith traditions in dialogue, respecting their opinions, developing sincere relationship and learning to live together.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama stated, ‘‘ I maintain that every major religion of the world - Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Sikhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism - has similar ideals of love, the same goal of benefiting humanity through spiritual practice, and the same effect of making their followers into better human beings. All religions teach moral precepts for perfecting the functions of mind, body, and speech’’.

With this statement in mind, in the process of making our home world a village of peace and harmony, it is indispensable for every new generation to become educated and exchange those elemental cultural values besides cultivating one's own mind and preserving one's own unique heritages.
We must educate and learn from individual to individual, nations to nation, religion to religion, nationality to nationality, and so on. Hence, there is more possibility of just, equality, trust, happiness and peace in the world we are living in. Indeed, this is called living together. This is way of life.


Zhiwapa K Pasang

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