John Lennon was a kind of lover to me, I felt amazed at Beatle tunes, and I just memorized them all, or nearly.
Few years ago I starte do translate them. Some of them.
One of them was IMAGINE, despite not exactly from the Beatles.
I feel sad and shy to say that my impression of his love affir with Yoko Ono disturbed me the most, and to many beatle Fans, and I feel sorry to state that it was my impression that,... wel..., if he would have married another beatle Fan or another person, perhaps even UNHAPPY he would be.
In this case, he died.
Socrates is reported to have said that a man can be either HAPPY ora A SAINT, it all depends on the woman he marries to, or connects with.
If you marry a nice woman, he said, you will be HAPPY.
If you marry a terrible woman, you will get unto a SAINT.
You might notice I am not making any judgenment of Yoko Ono Lennon here.
I feel,as Osho feels, that nature is correct, Existence is fine and everything runs perfectly, on its own accord.
You create atomic bombs,
They change the atmosphere and the unlock the axe of the Earth, the earth starts spinning - how com noone though about it before? - the plane acts , behaves as an action-reaction behaiviour. A jet plane moves because you throw forde from the jets to behindwards, adn the plane simply moves towrads the front of it.
So, if you throw a basket when you are in a small boat in a silent lake, and you throw it to behindwards, the boat will start gently and softkly to move frontwards.
When you explode a BOMB,a 100 megatons BOMB on Earth unto the pacific or under the Earth (under the ground I mean), the Earth totaly will move a little bit to the other side from where the Bomb blew off, exploded so.
Action reaction.
It changes the earth Axe... the north pole snows start melting because of the sun rays attaining more properly to them (properly is a hard statement in this case!).
tsunamis will certainly happen, a trem,ndous ammount of social disasters, North California, and a town in USAA, totaly drown under the water, Santa catarina and Alagoas, many disasters, hundreds of thousands of people dying or without a shelter.
It is all part of a UNO. It is all part of something unified. Existence is so...
I am not judging and I am not condemnign anything
Reality,... is real!
Love swami anand TAZA
PS Someone asked to Osho about John Lennon, which was one of my most beloved companions inside... what about his death?/ Osho states, as I read it before, that everything is correct under the sky ion this Earth. Lennon is reported to have said that he would adore to see Osho, but he had no time, such an ammount of things he had to do...! Perhaps in a next life, he will manage again, and become a sannyasin...!
I would love, John, if you become a sannyasin. NOW.
Love. I invite you, beloved friend.

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