What were we thinking?
Did we as a nation go mad, just for a few days, swatting at gnats. We were attacked, we were embarrassed, we lost close to 2 thousand lives September 11th yet instead of picking up the pieces and showing the world we were greater then the terror that befell us, WE as a nation picked up the Biggest club and struck out at the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan. Did this nation believe that doing so would restore the lost lives? Did we think it might some how balance an equation of morals?
I think perhaps we simply let the leader of this country have there way. If thine eye offends the, deceive it! The leadership, President and Congress together must both take the blame for what happened September 11th yet they have not. Instead, we wage war at their command, we kill for the killing sake, and I wonder how does that make us in the eyes of the world? They cannot face the truth without having to call for removal of themselves from office, so instead, let us just make smoke and shine the light in mirrors of half-truths and lies.
Let us make end to this war, let them settle their own problems and let us return to settling our own problems here at home. For the value of the services spent making war in Iraq and Afghanistan, I wonder if we could not have Fortified our nation against further attack and still maybe had enough left over to say provide true Universal basic health care and maybe even recover some of our own dignity.
If the cost of war is truly measured, who wins, does the conquered nation, do we? If there is no winner, then how long will it last, perhaps we should ask the Koreans, South and north. How much must we bleed for the passions, pride and prejudices of our leaders?

I Posted this originally on MSN site
Feb 20, 2008 7:00PM PST

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