When I eat, I eat, when I drink, I drink...

I was here wondering...
Brought my meal to the room....
Made a cofee and so on so forth...
And I was reading a woman few days ago... can't find the message no more...
About bears...
About protecting the bears... in Australia...
I have recorded some video in you tube, I will share it again... made with my fellow traveller Tura.
Tura is my teddy bear, I received as a gift from Saima in germany, on my Birthday.
It was great and he is still with me.
He is a sannyasin also, not really a monk, a sannyasin, a lover and searcher for the truth... of life.
And I tought...
Well, she was even speaking about jobs and money, as I understood,
and I wondered why not to give her a hand?
But also, now I was eating my breakfast and I tought, well... that is amazing, to save the bears.
I remember that more than 1000 species are disappearing per year in this world, every year.
perhaps one day, man will ALSO respectfully amazingly dissappear.
I would love to save them also.
THEN, I thought, I would ask my friend, the Petit Prince, how to make it good, to open a new NING, or better, a new space in iPeace, or in the nexus of my own, TENKO MEDITATION ACTIVITY,... about my being a vegetarian.
My friend Julian Vigyan would love that, she says here now. HereNow.
If you ask me why?, I would , or should even, answer: HereNow, I love plants and discovered I have a mission on Earth, this because of my relation with Unification Project. I have a mission, concerned to healing and plants.
Second I remember HereNow is Osho, when he states that every animal has a potencial to become a Buddha, on his own, therefore it is inhuman and ugly to eat an animal.
Now, you start to feel discomfortable in your chair. BECAUSE I AM ALSO SPEAKING OF YOU, obviously.
OR, hurray!!!, you will be giving jumps of happiness in your chair, because you ARE already a vegetarian - I also eat eggs and drink yougurt, not milk,... milk is not good for your healths - and if you are a vegetarian I am absolutely sure you are feeling amazed on this talk.
I know a story of a ZEN MASTER who knew perfectly well how to kill a cow or a bull, with no pain at all, he would TALK to the cow beforehand, and he knew some acupuncture points where he could place the sword Osho calls a sword a fucking instrument, and it is...) and the cow would not even realize she was dead.
But in this f. Earth, it is not so.
I ask you to go to youtube RIGHT NOW, HereNow, and open www.youtube.com and seac for A CARNE É FRACA (FLESH IS DIM could be an umproper translation) from the Foundation in São Paulo called Fundação Nina Rosa.
Nina Rosa is a woman and she is still alive.
It is a series of 7 videos, very well produced and unfortunately you will see HOW everyone is killing animals to eat.
You will be shocked and surprised. Badly surprised.
Only being un unconscious being you can eat meat.
I am absolutely sire you would not kill a chicken or a goose, as my aunt usualy killed in the 50's.
Now she is dead out of tuberculosis, she somked too much.
Just be courageous and watch a nice video, in portuguese, but the images are not in portuguese.
Saludos from brazil in 2009, but know you where am I going to BE, next year? HereNow I am here, now.
Remember A CARNE É FRACA you digit in your youtube.
anand taza oh... there is no accent in English for e, does it? a carne É fraca ? So let me give it to you:

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=a+carne+e+fraca (but it would do anyway... I saw...! Love for yous)

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