Carl Van Haght at 12:36pm February 18
WHEN I SURRENDER by Clive Harvey Fox

When I surrender...
It is not about giving up,
It is about giving over to become MORE!

When I surrender...
I completely let go;
I am freeing myself from the fretful prison of my mind.

When I surrender...
I acknowledge that the battle is over
But instead of raising the white flag, I raise a shout of joy.

When... Read More I surrender...
I invite limitless opportunity...
I open unconditionally to all that IS through the Great "I am!"

When I surrender...
I move ahead passionately with faith
Knowing that all that is happening is right.

Surrender is not about weakness.
Surrender takes me from weakness to Infinite grace.
Surrender leads to victory and the championing of the soul.


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Comment by Kristi on February 23, 2009 at 2:31am
YES! Tis true. And who is Indigo Man? Indi was the name of my daughter.
Surrender in its deepest form is the greatest Love I have known. I surrendered this Vessel on 12.25.08 to Its Purpose. I hated all the dellusions of my life. I had nothing of true value, except my Desire to Be in God. I laid on the floor alone, in the dead man position, naked and offered myself up. It was all that I had left to give. That night I wanted to die and die I did. Out of the ashes I rose up. Truly, it was like Frankenstein but a little sexier. My body lifted up into a standing position without my having to move it. Thought moved it. I felt weightless and Alive for the first time. By surrendering to death I found Life. I AM LIFE.

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