I blame Hamas for the current war.

Would anyone - even the most peace-loving person - agree to stand by as rockets land nearby every day, perhaps killing your child or your neighbor's child.

Hamas militants have launched 3,000 rockets into Israel over the past year.

Members of the Hamas government who want peace should be brave enough to stop those who are launching rockets.

Yes there is lots of history - on both sides. But peace will never come to any region if violence and revenge don't stop.

Plus, anyone who is bent on the elimination of ANY group of people - doesn't truly want peace and is not faithful to their religion.

The official scripture of the Christian, Jewish and Islamic religions denounce violence. Yet all three have waged war in the name of religion.

When will humans put aside their differences, shelve their hate and learn to live like the caring, intelligent beings our maker wants.

If rockets were not dropping daily on Israel, the Israeli government would not and could not go to war.

So when we jump quickly to demand a cease fire, ask yourself if that is really peace?

How would you react if rockets fell around - and possibly in - your house or your child's school on a daily basis?

If Israel was launching rockets daily into the Gaza Strip - I would blame Israel.

But the Hamas militants need to be defanged and their government is either unable or unwilling to do the job - so it falls into the lap of the Israeli military.

There are many peace-loving and kind Palestinians but sadly those people are not in charge or fear those who promote hatred.

It's easy to yell "peace" - even when good-intentioned and pure-hearted - when rockets are not falling on your loved ones day in and day out.

I pray one day all humans can live in true peace and without hatred and prejudice.

In many of the daily conflicted around the world - revenge is a vicious circle - with no end in sight.

Collectively humans are proud of our wisdom and intelligence - but the way we treat the environment, wildlife and each other - shows we have a long way to go before our self-image becomes truth.

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Comment by Greg Peterson on February 4, 2009 at 2:15pm
I agree Skip
Comment by Skip on February 4, 2009 at 8:27am
"When will humans put aside their differences, shelve their hate and learn to live like the caring, intelligent beings our maker wants."

When hearts are broken by the Spirit of the Prince of Peace, and genuine love and care for the other is the mode of operation in life. Then genuine peace will rule the world. The well used quote by J. Hendrix covers it without "religious" connotations, "When the power of love, overcomes the love of power, then, there will be peace." The problem is, genuine, lasting Love only originates with our Maker, and most of us will not enter into it.
Peace brother, Skip.

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