When Shopping for an HDMI Cable What You Need Look

When you’re ready to purchase an HDMI Cable, look for the following features:
Gold-Plated Connectors – Gold-plated connectors achieve superior signal transfer.
Shielded Cables – Cables that are fully shielded protect against interferences such as environmental EMI and RFI.
Support for 1080p - Support for high resolutions such as 1080p allows you to get full HD video streams giving you the clearest picture possible today. This is what you want when you’re looking to maximize your investment in the latest LED TV, LCD TV, plasma TV, Blu-ray, DVD player, DVR player, satellite, cable box, AV receiver, projector & HD game consoles on the market.
Support for Beyond 1080p – Support for 4K x 2K high definition video and digital AV sources means you’ll be ready to upgrade when the time comes.
Support for 3D - Many newer TVs or gaming consoles are now 3D-capable so if you’ve got a 3D-enabled device, you’ll be able to transmit 3D signals to your TV.
Support for Ethernet - The latest home entertainment devices are IP-enabled, meaning that they can interact with the Internet or be connected to a local network. Using an HDMI cable that supports Ethernet means that you no longer need a separate Ethernet cable.
Improvements in the HDMI standard allow for a much better HD experience. Most notably, major enhancements introduced in versions 1.4 and 1.4a gave HDMI cables the ability to support some of the latest technologies available today, such as support for Ethernet and 3D. If your goal is to maximize your audio and digital video signals, then HDMI cables are the way to go.
If you would like to shop for a high-quality HDMI cable, we offer a very wide selection of sizes ranging from 3 feet all the way up to 60 feet on our HDMI Kabel page. More information and products please check our website www.cable-wholesale.com

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