Where are Iran, France, Russia, Greece, New Zealand?

These are the countries still missing from the 15,000 Stories group! (http://www.ipeace.me/groups/group/show?id=2217368%3AGroup%3A962844) We recently got a lovely story from Poland, and a while back from Spain, also from Morocco, India, Australia, U.S.A., but we still need YOU! EVERYBODY'S story is important. Every country is welcome. And not only, the more we share, the more we know about everyone. And THAT my friends, is a mighty powerful tool in understanding each other, wouldn't you say so?

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Comment by Stephanie on April 3, 2009 at 8:39am
So thrilled!! Evelyn T showed up from New Zealand so this post did work. She wrote about life in her country, Chatam Island 800 km from N.Z. and the beauty of growing up "naturally". Thanks Evelyn and hope to hear from others.....from every country in the world.

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