who can guide this trend and who is leader. Targeting

, who can guide this trend and who is leader. Targeting civilians in fact, the custom originated from luxury leather goods and more to tailor based. Assistant to nike hypervenom phantom  the president, said Dai Yanping dynamic group, in the West, with the main products of leather shoes can be regarded as a custom craft nobility in Italy, France and other places, designer shoes are basically handmade to customers the amount of foot custom-made phenomenon is very common. Although relatively speaking, really can do "unique" because of expensive high-level customization, but also at the top of the ivory tower, the current domestic market is still basically a blank state. But civilians customization is no longer a  nike mercurial vapor ix "noble dream", sports shoes personalized DIY category is a positive attempt.

Generally the price of one pair of custom sneakers 1000-2000, which also attracted a lot of young audience eager. "As a result, it has stimulated a lot of brands have launched more fashion sense and fashion degree of customization storm tide shoe market." Dai Yanping disclosed. Dai Yanping Road, for example, currently, ADIDAS Originals is a customized shoe tide. By custom tools, ADIDAS offer consumers the opportunity to design their own personalized sports shoes, for example, you can choose the color and fabric, by adding all kinds of different configuration options, will have numerous options to create your own unique shoes absolute type. "It has been the custom in the true sense, generally custom shoes are often biased towards the specific requirements of comfort, but not the primary consideration for individuality, but the younger consumer groups based on custom, unique needs of a major point."

say . For sports brand, whether it is NIKE, ADIDAS or domestic Anta, when they entered the field of custom and culture but also to focus on quality, which is to enhance the reputation of the brand process to find a richer, more reliable content. With profound meaning, I believe the brand will go longer term, like Italy, like advanced customization culture, to the global consumer. "Rush." As a set-off love angel investors, CEO Xu Zhihua emphasized Olympic sports, love is given off C2B model, that create customer demand, according to the needs of production companies, mainly determined by the individual needs of the consumers themselves, then customization. In fact, the love given off as quickly customize a shoe manufacturers is to provide a way for consumers to design their own personalized sneakers opportunities, is the perfect interpretation of fashion nowadays the most popular custom performed. And love given birth passengers, but also for the wars in custom sneaker brand offers a new idea: try to customization

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