Who can not use wood floor balcony decorated

We habitually think, balconies decorated organic solvent flower wall board tiles suitable for use, but not with wooden floor balcony Who decorated it? So how do you use the wood floor a furnished balcony. People use more laying floor tiles to the terrace decoration, favor because of the advantages in floor tiles are not afraid of blisters, not afraid of sun exposure. But have you considered non-slip floor tiles, does not apply to the elderly and families with children; there is no consideration of the thermal effect of low floor tiles, whether you what kind of color, will give a feeling of cold, stripped of comfort and cozy. In fact, it might try to balcony decorated with wooden floors. Wood floor types applicable to the balcony pavement now many, including wood floors, parquet and laminate flooring.

Among them, the solid wood flooring is suitable for enclosed balcony decorated with better performance, or due to temperature differences and humidity cause wood floor deformation or cracking; comparison, parquet wood because the multi-layer structure, resistance to deformation is better than solid wood floor; Laminate flooring is an ideal material furnished balcony, especially waterproof laminate flooring, has a high abrasion resistance, good sun, not easily deformed, easy pavement, etc., the price is relatively cheap. If the balcony is lower than the indoor floor, be sure to keel pavement, holes and a layer Daixinban can be installed on top of the how much wood product does timber tech have in it; wood types and colors best adjacent room is the same, to avoid distortion caused by different materials and visual contrast; Some families prefer the balcony on raising flowers or dry clothes, to prevent water immersion; poorly sealed balcony may dusty, be careful when you wipe scratches. This way, you can concentrate on enjoying the comfort flooring feelings.

Also, I want to say is: Many consumers believe that wood flooring is much more expensive than the tile, especially wood floor. In fact, a good number of floor tiles and wood flooring price is almost the price, some even hundreds of dollars more expensive than solid wood floor or even a hundred. In the case of the same price, floor tiles as paving the prone to breakage without the introduction of free pavement paving is not even a professional team, paving consumers can only find their own people, labor costs and cement sand and other materials per a square also spent about $ 40, plus handling fee upstairs, of course, can not be excluded in the paving tile damage during wastage and personal time. If you install the wood floor can save this cost to do other use. After careful count only found a price of 300 yuan plus 40 yuan tiles labor costs, the price can buy one square meter excellent wood species wood floors, or 3-5 meters of laminate flooring, then the price Under the same conditions, of course, than choose [url=http://wpcdeckboard.com/project-case/15697.html]ISO9001 factory High quality movable chain link fence[/url] tiles cost-effective. You might be interested in: What floor home decoration good? Living room flooring of choice for large-size floor

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