The Golden Heart means to simply fill yourself with love…. then carry that love into your life. - Sri Harold Klemp from “The Golden Heart”

“Light” is the expression of love. “Worker” is a servant.
A lightworker serves in the spirit of love.
That is my passion.

I first heard of this term in an article of Philippine Star columnist Jeannie Javelosa entitled “Are you a lightworker?” (October 2006). My good friend Mary J. clipped it and gave it to me. I found the descriptions of a lightworker fascinating. For example:

1. Lightworkers are balanced and have found their centers. They do not judge or make fun of anyone because everyone is where they ought to be.
2. Lightworkers have no drama about them and yet you feel their inner joy.
3. Lightworkers are slow to anger and are able to see the duality in our world and learn to navigate their souls through the dark.
4. Lightworkers are sure of themselves but never full of themselves. When they look at you with eyes of understanding and compassion, it is about you, no matter what you are, what you own, or where you are coming or going.

“I am that I am, and the divinity in me is going is going to make a difference in this planet. I feel the truth when I hear it and when I read it. Even my small efforts will create an energy that is larger than I can imagine, combined with others, to create peace on Earth.”

I adhere to the ideals of a lightworker. It is our journey, sama ka (will you join me)?

Photo: “Catch & Carry” by Ron Wennekes Copyright 2004 Eckankar

Another Blog About Lightworkers......

There are different ways of working, besides the political level, there are also the humanitarians, the peacemakers and the lightworkers. In a sense the lightworkers have the most difficult task and rarely receive recognition or acknowledgement for their work. They may put a lot of time and energy into this work but oftentimes the results are not obvious and may not be visibly seen by the uninitiated and are also difficult to explain or define.

Yet we must never allow this to create doubts in our minds. For lightworkers with the purest of intention working from the highest level of integrity, can have great influence and accomplish amazing feats, for lightwork is the realm of the miraculous. Oftentimes, we do not know the outcome of our work, so we have to just keep following our intuition or the guidance that is given. Spiritual endeavours are accomplished with the blessings and guidance of those on the higher realms. In performing lightwork, we rise above the apparent and the obvious and move towards the realms of the celestial. This is the realm of all possibilities, wherein we can expect the unexpected, and know that divine intervention is always possible.

We can never fully understand the karmic implications of any given situation or why things happen in a certain way. We may see what led up to it and what happened before that, but we cannot see how far back in history those karmic threads go to create the karmic repercussions that are occurring today. We therefore cannot put blame and it is not our position to do so, for ultimately we cannot see the whole picture and unconsciously we may be biased by our cultural and social programming.

We cannot see the great Master Plan, though sometimes we are given glimpses, insights and revelations that help us gain a clearer understanding and propel us forward. The Divine Presence and the Ascended Masters desire to work with those who are willing and ready, but first we need to prepare ourselves and purify in order to become pure channels, so as to be able to receive what is given. By maintaining a constant state of peace and harmony within and releasing and transforming all negative discord, we can recreate the balance that is needed, first on a personal level and then globally.

As lightworkers, we must continue to question ourselves as to what more we can do. So often we feel impotent, like our hands are tied and that the systems that govern do not allow us the freedom to create or to do what we want to do. To aid this process, we must become more peaceful and harmonious in ourselves and maintain a clear, vibrant energy field. As that energy field becomes more radiant, it subtly influences everything around us. This is known as our circle of influence, which spreads out much further that we realize.

Remaining focused and steadfast in our work requires determined energy and a lot of patience and perseverance. Sometimes it takes great courage to hold our vision in the face of adversity. As we come more into alignment with the divine, with a power that is far greater than ourselves, we are asked to be more gracious and more humble and to go beyond the ego. From there we can step into the arena of the unlimited and the boundless and gain a more expansive, richer and deeper sense of self. The Divine Presence will guide us, support and nourish us and give us the clarity we need on a daily basis, so as to help further our personal growth and the work we are here to do. Healing the separation from the divine is the most important work we can do. When we call upon the divine for help or assistance, it is always given but not necessarily in the way we expect it.

When we move into stillness, into the deepest stillness within our being, where every fluctuation and vibration can be felt, we are nourished by the energy of the divine as it fills us up. In this state, we can leave behind our daily woes and cares, and go beyond our personal desires, frustrations and expectations as we are wrapped and protected by the wings of the divine. Through moving into a state of beingness and grace, we can create a beautiful and harmonious field of love and light.

It does not matter what our background, faith or religion is, because in a higher state of consciousness, we transcend them all. When we transcend, we move beyond all dogma and differences. In unity consciousness, we know and appreciate the oneness of all living things. As our alignment with the divine increases and we are able to maintain it both during meditation and throughout the day, we start to experience samadhi, pure realized consciousness, which brings total awareness and full compassion for humanity. Alignment may come through prayer or meditation or through a deep reverence of the divine. Meditation is a tool that allows us access into the depths of our beingness, into the vast reservoirs of the heart and mind. This gives us clarity and a deeper understanding of how we can truly be of service to humanity. As lightworkers, we have a great task before us, we are called to embrace this role with joy and courage and to diminish all fear, knowing that support is always given.

We have moved into a new era, and a new energy is pouring into the planet. It is the energy of the Divine Feminine. This energy is available to anyone who is open to it, both men and women. The Divine Feminine brings with it the qualities of unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, peace, harmony, warmth and nurturing. It is a softer and sweeter energy; it is more nourishing and protective. The Divine Feminine ignites the threefold flame within the heart, the flames of love, wisdom and power, which are so desperately needed in the world. The Divine Feminine fills us with love and helps us to transform all discordant tendencies right down to the cellular level so as to bring about a spiritual metamorphosis.

The Divine Feminine challenges us to be all that we can be, to grow into our full potential and to move into a more expansive and blissful way of being. Once we have tasted the nectar of the Divine Feminine, it will open and soften our hearts and heal the wounds of the past so that we can actualise and work consciously from our true spiritual self. Then each of us can become a teacher in our own right, sharing the knowledge and the wisdom we have gained. Sometimes we are required to be more public or to teach verbally, and other times we teach silently through our presence, through the vibrations we give out.

Through daily alignment, attunement and meditation, we continually sharpen our skills of observation. The spiritual path is an embarkation on a never ending journey of self actualisation and development, so as to transform ourselves into beings of light that work consciously together to create a better life for all. As lightworkers on the path, we have a deep responsibility to live and work from the heart. Yes to enlighten our minds as well, for this gives us the ability to actualise our vision but always to remember to retain our purity of intention and to be steadfast in living from the highest level of integrity.

Brothers and sisters of the light let us remember that as we walk the spiritual path, we are never alone. Together we are creating a web of light and love, which is circling and spreading all over the planet. And on higher realms, great beings of light are waiting in the ethers, always ready to assist us. Let us strengthen our determination to rise above the mere mortal and mundane, to be aware of our immortality, our beingness, our spiritual nature and yet at the same time not to forget our humanness and the difficulties that we sometimes encounter because of it.

Love and light,

"Who I Am"

I AM a Pillar of Light, a Beam, an anchor offering stability. Offering freshness and clarity to those who would draw the Light through Me and benefit there from:
And so I stand with others of the Starlight, as we have stood since Dawn began - holders of the Light. As candelabras hold a flaming beacon, so do we stand. Our arms outstretched, our eyes upon the Homeland, our hearts with the Earth we Serve. Ever in gentleness, purity and peace - so do we stand. Angels of the Dawn, Bringers of Light, anchors of Truth.
So do we stand together as One.

And so long have we stood, we did forget at times those who stood with us, and now the Dawn grows ever brighter and we wake - and oh the joy, the ecstasy, the delight, as we turn this way and that - and see our starry brethren all around. Reaching out upon the horizon, as far as eye can see, these Pillars of Light, these Beacons of the Dawn, these candelabras that hold the Starlight strong, are burning. Burning ever more brightly do they shine, through the mist and veils of forgetfulness that once surrounded us. To those of the Starlight I call. Angels of the Dawn. Bringers of Truth and Beacons of Light. Anchors of this Light, and Illuminators through time.

Brothers and Sisters - I call to you: Renew your strength, renew your pledge, and double your efforts to raise this Earth Star Terra in her dream. For she needs stabilizing in her progress through the waves and beams and rays of sound and light, that do bombard her all around it seems. She needs assistance to align and poise herself upon new ground. And we shall see her through, and ride with her in active thought.

Bringers of the Dawn are we, Heralds of this New Age, ready to sing our Song and blow the Trumpets of a future birthed in the now, the present moment.
And so we sing and offer hope, and bring our vision of the motion to this present point of focus - in which we stand together, united as One most Holy Breath that has been held too long. Let us exhale together on Wings of Freedom in one silent Heartbeat to the Rainbow's end. Thus do we stand as we have stood since Dawn began and greet the rising Sun with joy"


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Comment by Julie Miller on September 9, 2011 at 8:36pm
A wonderful and enlightening post. Thank you Al for visiting my little blog post today. Brightest Blessings to you kind sir.
Comment by Sabriyah Fatimah on April 11, 2009 at 9:04am
Beautiful and thoughtful post. May we all work toward the light and leave behind the darkness. Have a peaceful, wonderful day.

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