Who is God?
Who has been remembered as the Ocean of Love, the Intellect of the Wise, the Almighty Authority, the Comforter of Hearts, the Truth, The Living Being and the Blissful One?


I am the Ocean of Love;
I show you the path of love.
My love remains unbroken and constant.
I cannot forget even one of you.
I have so much love for you,
and My love is unconditional and unlimited.
I am the Beloved.
You have been calling out to Me for a long time.

Who Is God?

We are used to knowing things by seeing them, hearing them, tasting them, touching or smelling them. Most of us have grown up in a ‘seeing–is–believing’ and ‘hands on’ culture and we are used to perceiving things in that way. Because we can’t see, hear, taste, touch or smell God, the question arises – is God for real?

One can reach out to God with pure thoughts and be connected to Him. The soul experiences the response of pure feelings and spiritual strength. God is truth itself and thus can be recognized with the eye of truth.
God: The Supreme Soul

Like us, God is also a soul. Unlike us, He is referred to as the Supreme Soul – the only soul who never takes a body (gross or subtle, human or angelic) of His own. He is beyond the effects of actions and is never subject to the dualities of birth and death, pleasure and pain, success and failure. Being beyond the limits of time of this physical world, He retains absolute knowledge of the universe and all its dimensions.

Where is God?

God lives, not everywhere but somewhere. A thought of God almost always takes the eyes upwards, as though one is perhaps expecting a face to miraculously appear from behind the clouds or to beam down from the moon. Thoughts are powerful. They link one soul to another. If they are properly channelled, thoughts can even go where only the soul can travel – beyond the moon and stars to a dimension of golden red light, the original home of all souls. Immersed in the experience of the warmth of this light, the soul feels as though it is truly at home at last, and with God.

God – The Spiritual Sun

Like the physical sun, which gives light and life indiscriminately to all beings, God is the Spiritual Sun, giving light to all, whomever and wherever they may be. He serves altruistically, without any selfish motives, reminding each one of their innate qualities of love, peace and happiness. This is why He has been remembered in some countries and cultures by the name Shiva, The Benevolent One.
God’s Wisdom, Love and Power

People may wonder why, if God exists, He doesn’t wave a magic wand and fix things, making or at least influencing everyone so that they do exactly what they ‘should’ do. But God never takes away anyone’s freedom of choice. God’s wisdom is to recognize and respect each soul’s individual identity, freedom and inherent goodness. God shares knowledge – a profound understanding of the dualities and dilemmas of love and hatred, happiness and sorrow, victory and defeat, etc. – but He does not make our choices for us. The soul is free to choose ‘to be or not to be’, ‘to love or not to love’. God’s love strengthens the soul’s will to free itself from the distresses caused by vices such as selfish desire, anger, fear, ego and attachment. God’s power helps the soul to recognize its highest potential and to aim for perfection by practising the art of simple living and high thinking. Such practice by a significant number of souls eventually brings about positive change in the whole of humanity.

When you learn to tune your mind in meditation to the mind of God, then whatever the situation, you always have a source of help and strength to draw upon – an infinite reservoir of power and virtues that is only a thought away.

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Comment by Debra Silver on January 24, 2009 at 10:48pm
Who is God? who isn't? from the rocks and the trees and the flowers and the ants and elephants ...all the kingdoms of the earth...including man..in all his colours and isms and paths along this curve we call life...we all share the same carbon base, the same oxygen atmosphere and the same life giving waters and that spark of awareness that is linked to the mind and heart of god/dess, creator, all that is...is one...
Comment by diogenes66 on January 21, 2009 at 9:39pm
Comment by maryse on December 18, 2008 at 3:44pm
I ve always felt God is Love so the opening poem resonates with me. Radiating love to enlighten our true nature.....so yes God is often symbolized in the sun since ancient days....the ever pervasing giving us life and energy to evolve to our higher selves. I like this question who is God instead of what is God Who makes me feel the notion of compassion and wisdom and even humor, in an innate way I can see human attributes, the Shinto idea of spirit of God in rocks , mountains gives us the notion of God being and everpassive energy suroounding us and certainly the undescribal or un identifiable as in Zen....
Yes, Who is God is thought by all people from all cultures, to hear the ansers and description is to understand each other and bring peace to the planet. Conflict in religious based war is a big issue about who is God.....with different names, forms and description, and yet the basic of love, benevolence, caompassion and love is seen throughout...and the oneness or unity of all. om shanti
Comment by Dan Tefft on December 15, 2008 at 1:12am
My perspective of GOD is that of an all pervasive knowing to whom no human attributes can be applied.

I believe that GOD lives somewhere, but that somewhere is everywhere we, as humans, can sense.

I also believe "As above, so below." I believe we live in a microcosm of GOS's entire creation.

If we, as humans, know of a system the can detect vibrations that we can't sense with our five senses (radios), then GOD would have that power and more. Modern science is constantly proving that thoughts are vibrations. It makes sense to me that GOD would set up a system where we could co-create. Instead of answering each prayer individually the universe would draw the things that to us that match the vibration of our thoughts. Since we control our thoughts, and attract circumstances to us that match those thoughts, why would we ever ask GOD to change that.

I believe that when we sincerely ask GOD to change our circumstances GOD replies with "Change your thoughts."

If we can imagine a system that can monitor multitudes of information (Super computers... the internet, etc.) then GOD would have that power and more. If we are on the verge of a system that can monitor all of the interconnected computers on the planet (everyone connected to the internet) then of course GOD would be able to monitor everything on the planet if GOD wanted to. As we begin to comprehend how large the known universe is, we come to realize how ridiculous it is to even wonder how God could monitor the happenings on just our little planet.

I believe that GOD have established systems that we use, knowingly or unknowingly, to create our lives.

I believe that when we ask "Why does GOD allow such terrible things to happen in the world?" we are showing our ignorance. If we accept the concepts of karma and reincarnation as possible, then accept that all of us must progress through many lifetimes in order to "groom" ourselves to eventually know GOD's plan and systems, then we should accept that we put ourselves into situations where we can grow.

Growing always connotes change. Change is often uncomfortable. Perhaps those who have put themselves into lives with suffering have done it intentionally. Perhaps the intent was to provide others with the opportunity to offer help. Perhaps they've put themselves into someone else's shoes in order to understand what they've done to someone in past lives. Perhaps they put themselves into difficult circumstances in order to overcome and provide an example for others.

If this concept is reality, then perhaps a hard lifetime can resemble a bad moment in someone's life. The malcontent kid that drops out of school (terrible at the moment) then goes on to head up a multinational corporation that provide work for thousands of people.

With all due respect, perhaps those who constantly ask "Why..." are similar to a child that always asks "Why..."

Perhaps each day of our current lifetime is represented as an entire lifetime in the grand scheme.

Perhaps the more peace we have in our daily lives the more peace all of our future lifetimes will have.

Perhaps it's all just perspective.

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