Who works to better something, who leaves

Said it before, but will say it again.

There was a lot of activity to get this site up and running again. It is now here, though not that many are active.

There are reasons for everything, and who has been on this site for a long time, may have their own conclusions about why things are as they are.

Someone had tried, with much expertise, to suggest some very valuable clues in how to better this site. They got very few responses. The page filled up with hearts and sparkly designs, and a post saying "If I don't like a site, I leave".

This kind of a response is fine for that person, but I find it is an insult to read for someone who is working hard, posting intelligent ideas, who had done a lot of hard work to better this site or others.

Leaving does not show strength, it shows giving up.

I felt badly when Ayla left, and I left a blog post stating it. I got one reply only. I guess no one else felt badly or cared.

It teaches us, however, about human nature, and how we are made. It teaches us about how we are different, superficial, ready to write light-hearted things, ignoring the deeper more difficult ones.

Rashad's posts often don't receive responses....the contrast between the flowers and peace signs is more than just astounding.

If we don't have more direction here, lots of nice friendships will grow, but it is embarassing to see how the more important posts are ignored. I spent lots of my time on this site which I adored, it is hard to not find all the wonderful souls who used to be here, and were good internet friends....

There are reasons for their absence.

I think it would be worth the effort to try to build up this site, but it takes work. Flowers and sparkly peace signs won't do it I'm afraid.

Presently I do not want to defend what I have written here...the message is pretty clear I believe. I have to get back to my real life...this was always part of it, it saddens me to see the changes it has taken.

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Comment by Leah D (Pixie) on August 9, 2010 at 8:24pm
Hi Steph & Maria..
Steph,I read your blog about Ayla,I did not reply as I did not have a clue of anything about her,so I went to READ her..because of your Bloggy..So my friend, even if comments aren't written
(i do try to leave a little something 2 say 'i was here & read')..so person knows it was read.
I only comment if I have something to say..
I agree with you & Maria on most all your comments & this blog. I have been doing a great deal of activist/advocate stuff all over the internet,where ever I think will get the most views,including the flooding issues that Rashad has been writing about in emails.I can not donate but have been getting the info. out to people. Signed & shared a petition for help to flooding victims in need of SOOO much..got little responses though,that was/is sad & disappointing.
The images of peace signs & flowers is also a part of showing appreciation to friends or new people,leaving a smile for someone,just to say "hey I'm thinking of you" is also important,it's all about balance,I do a little bit of all,write about important issues,connect with people on a more personal level,play & laugh as well as cry and saddened by so much horrific things going on all over the world!!
Grieved all the losses, took some time away from ipeace to deal with my personal emotions of it all.
I've not written to much,if any about what I think will help this network or what I feel it needs,last time I did,well it CLOSED! So, treading lightly these day..observing,reading,getting back in contact with friends,making new ones and writing,blogging,discussing issues I feel are important too.
Thanks so much for "sticking it out" here Steph & putting so much of yourself and time,energy into keeping ipeace alive & thriving..it will take time for people to return or know it is still here.
I did Write a post on the ipeace facebook page that ipeace.ning is still open.Along with the new & correct link to it..another problem is many people don't know this is NOT ipeace.me but is and has been since the closing - ipeace.ning address!!
Dearest Maria,
I am so very happy you returned to ipeace! Your voice,compassion & words of wisdom are much needed here & in my opinion enjoyed greatly :))
I care very deeply for you both..simply thank you for being your uniquely special-selves..:))
Comment by Stephanie on July 23, 2010 at 1:54pm
Yes Maria
Glad you saw this post. I was surprised that people had not left comments on it. We are becoming a bit shallow aren't we!
Too bad we can't get this off the ground in a very strong positive way.
One thing now is that Rashad should be helped as much as possible. Susan wrote a very good blog, hope you saw it. At the moment, that should be our concern I believe.
Of course we have our own lives to deal with, and we don't want to neglect friendships. But without a leader and administration, it is even more work...like you finding this post, or like people not knowing that iPeace is open!

I also thought that I doubt if David is proud of all the little messages being sent back and forth (I include myself in on some of them!) without big actions being manifested. If only David would converse with us.....but maybe he isn't watchng anymore, because in fact, there is not much to watch anymore.
Thanks Maria, always appreciate your observations and your concern.

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