ShenWei by institute of general staff 56 jiangnan institute of computing technology (wuxi) design, high performance integrated circuit design center in Shanghai is 56 ma3 jia3.
The institute was established in June 1951, Replica Burberry Scarf is located in wuxi.Main research direction is computer system architecture, parallel/distributed processing and intelligent computer system, computer software, Fake Burberry Scarves artificial intelligence and intelligent control, computer and communication, the computer information processing and application.Since the eighty s, in areas such as computer, Fake Burberry cashmere Scarves communication and mechanical and electrical integration of national science and technology achievement award won more than 300, the state science and technology progress prize three, military science and technology progress award of 35 items.Twice in 1987 and 2000,Wholesale Burberry Scarf the central military commission for 56 RongJi collective merit citation.In 1993 the central military commission, awarded by 56 "advanced bravely peak of science and technology research institute" honorary title.

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