The smallest of the incision, the minimally invasive femtosecond laser To ensure life safety with the eye
It is known that different from other traditional operation method, femtosecond no longer need to make all corneal flap.All femtosecond femtosecond laser resection of the small incision matrix lens can do, Foakleys
say specific point, is to use Angle of femtosecond laser in the first film matrix between layers, respectively for two different depth of laser scanning, to complete a full correct myopic lens cut, and cut a curved incision at the edge of the flap.Along the micro incision surgery physicians, Knockoff Oakleys separate and remove the femtosecond laser forming lenticular sheets corneal tissue.
Myopia now technology has been upgraded to full femtosecond, more security than femtosecond laser.Eye hospital of chongqing new horizon has by far the most leading three series: myopia laser surgery excimer laser, Fake Oakley Sunglasses femtosecond laser, femtosecond excitation light, also have a wavefront aberration, iris localization and other personalized treatment options, provide comprehensive technology for myopia, meet the needs of the different types of myopia.Only for their own technology to get the best effect.
Reason 3: the doctor rich operation experience, to ensure the safety of intraoperative
As the operator of equipment and the operation of visitors,Wholesale Fake Oakleys
the surgeon is the soul of myopia surgery.Myopia laser surgery is very sophisticated, in such a thin laser cutting on the cornea, the professional ability to the surgeon, surgical experience and so on must have very high demand, is also a surgery is the key to success.

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