Wholesale Fake Oakleys that the sender

Recently, in agriculture and forestry road of guo call this newspaper, said: "two days before, my WeChat someone to share in the circle of friends: friends who add its WeChat and forwarding information,Replica Oakleys can get a free pair of stars in same designer sunglasses, and promised not to charge a cent, all free, to pay the freight after receipt of the goods, and the other said only 300 daily."Then Mr Guo tried, paid $19 "freight".A few days later, Wholesale Fake Oakleys Mr. Guo to receive only a pair of cheap plastic sunglasses.
The reporter sees, guo this so-called designer sun glasses, essence is without any logo, and texture coarsely ordinary glasses, and WeChat claims are far brand sunglasses.
In addition, to Mr Guo by parcel express in the list,Fake Oakleys Free Shipping reporters found that it also exist some problems.This is not an ordinary express waybill, but a Courier cod waybill.This means that the sender chose by Courier company give the payment to charge the recipient.A gullible people said: "the feeling is a new pattern, Knockoff Oakleys For Sale using the micro nobuyuki cheat cheats use very cheap goods, cheating in the name of the recipient to pay freight cargo."

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