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Every day after 4 o 'clock in the afternoon, linhai glasses city that is the busiest time of the day.Here in small vans, motorcycles, electric cars, like the tide to glasses city together,Replica Oakleys they are relying on the glasses around the city of taobao shops.Here, they will control the purchasing order that day, and then sent to all parts of the country.
Du Qiao zheng, start with taobao business 2 years ago.Different from general taobao shop, zheng glasses shop can do is "no", "the guest to want what, as long as in the city of glasses I find corresponding product, and then hair line" in the past.Said zheng, since such, avoids the stock up cost,Wholesale Replica Oakleys reduce unnecessary losses.
Like zheng small taobao sellers and lots more.Linhai glasses city Chen Zhao, general manager of the water said that, the three or four years, glasses city feed about 400 households, large and small, electricity, all scattered near the city of glasses.
Because stationed here are some of the old house, each has a sales network, so everyday is relatively quiet.Every weekend, however, various glasses shop is always packed."Because the price cheap, taizhou,Replica Oakleys For Sale consumers are willing to glasses here."Chen Zhao water said that, in the city of glasses with a pair of glasses cost cheaper than in urban areas with two-thirds.In addition, the city also appears around the customer group to buy Du Qiao glasses, "day off, a group of white-collar workers or students, groups, and can form a shopping tour."

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