Why Muslim women wear Hijab...and why Muslim Men and women harness their Divine Energy

The question has been asked "why do Muslim women wear the veil (or in Arabic Hijab)...why do Muslim women cover their heads...This was actually a question a young woman asked an Imam or a religious elder at a gathering recently. She went on to ask him "shouldn't men respect women even if they don't wear the veil?"...he should have nailed that one...when someone throws you a fast ball down the middle of the plate you don't fool around...you drive that thing into center field..the answer is a resounding yes...ALL human beings are deserving of respect whatever their station...

the Imam answered like this whole issue is about sexual attraction...He started telling her that if a woman does not cover she is more likely to be raped...that showing herself leaves her open to being ravaged by a man unable to control his desire...Well its NOT about that...and women are raped when they are covered...when a marauding army is out of control invading a countryside often the first thing they rape are the nuns...we've seen it happen in Latin America...in Sudan the malevolent out of control forces there have used rape as a tool of intimidation against Fur women...and Fur women are nothing but Muslim...they are always wearing hijab...so let's get that notion out of our minds (if its there) that rape is only a crime of sexual passion...its also a tool of intimidation and humiliation and it doesn't matter if the woman is covered..

Secondly hijab is not for the purpose of making a woman unattractive...because as far as I'm concerned it DOESN'T make her unattractive....it makes her MORE attractive...MORE beautiful...but because someone is beautiful does not mean you desire sex with her...if you are dealing with your Deen and fearing Allah you should NOT be desiring sex with anyone whom you are not lawfully entitled to be with...period..and that should be the end of that...it is not her responsibility to make sure you are not sexually attracted to her...it is YOURS...because if in your heart is a disease your perversity will come forth even if she is covered...and if we are Mu'minin Allah's grace and mercy has inured us to that...

She is not covered in order to not be attractive...she is covered for the same reason i am...it is Allah's directive...why does He direct us thusly?

All religious people cover their heads...The Sikhs, The Rastafarians, Yoruba Priests, Hindu Yogis, Jewish Rabbis...Catholic Nuns wear similar covering to Muslim women and so do Rasta Women...where does this commonality come from?...Well we human beings are not just physical beings and our physical bodies are not just blood and sinew...we are also energy...and the energy flows and has currency within us...Hindu science has spelled out the seven chakras of the body and at the top of our head we have a crown chakra...religious people wear crowns on the top of their heads to harness the flow of energy out of the crown chakra...I have heard that this is the mystery behind great saints of history being portrayed in paintings with a halo on top of their heads...it makes sense to me...

So all Muslims men and women are asked to cover their heads and the grosser thinking people assume it is (in the woman's case) to keep her safe from the sexual fantasies of men...as a man I can tell you that it isn't possible to keep a man's mind out of sexual fantasies no matter what the woman does or does not do...the man himself must hone his spirituality and expand his Taqwa so that he is liberated from that...but you are covering so that the energy from your crown is harnessed...

Some people will say "show me where it says this in Qur'an"...you know what? Allah doesn't spell everything out for you all the time...sometimes He gives you the directive and expects you to trust Him and follow it knowing that He orders for you what is for your good..but this is also why Muhammad the rasuli-llah said for us to seek knowledge even if we need to go as far as China..who are the greatest teachers in China? Kung Fu-Tse (Confusious)...Lao Tse...so knowledge and information from that far afield is legitimate for the Muslim to acquire...and if we go as far as China we can also go as far as India for clarity and information...we also study what the Yogis know as well and enhance our base of knowledge and understanding.

But as far as the sisters wearing hijab...you are not wearing hijab to keep yourself safe from the advances of men...Allah will do that...trust and believe and stay on the Mustaqeem (The Straight and rightly guided Path)...you are wearing hijab because you are a soldier in The Lord's Army and Hijab is your Uniform

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Comment by susan chandel on March 6, 2009 at 5:23pm
This makes a lot of sense. A rebel and a UU, I am not planning to wear a hijab though.Even though I am not very good with rules, I am open to learning about different religions and cultures. I do work with energy from time to time and I actually believe that one can learn to harness the crown chakra without a head dress. It is good to know that there are other reasons for the hijab than the usual answers, thank you. One of my friends who was involved with a group of sufis for a while reported that she liked how covering ones head really does wonders for the hair, as well.

By the way, I liked what you added to Serge's discussion on Hamas, so I thought that I would visit your page. Susan

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