With the advancement of China's energy development strategy of environmental protection, a lot of waste plastics processing has become an obstacle to the social development of a major problem. Plus began to gradually reduce the country's forest resources, now the world's environment is threatened, in order to reduce the wood waste, must find a material to replace wood. In this case, how will the waste plastic recycling Po has become a more and more people pay attention to the issue. how to make a table from decking

On this basis, the use of waste plastic and wood fiber production of wood-plastic composite products is gradually being developed. Wood Flooring is a typical waste plastic and wood fibers blended products. Sources of raw materials wood floor is very extensive, the available waste plastics and waste wood, straw and other plant fiber as agriculture, forestry base. Wood floors throughout the production process does not add any harmful ingredients, but when it can not use the Shihai can be recycled in the use, environmentally friendly products in the true sense. WPC is not just an alternative to wood, timber for waste can also play a role in recycling. how to build an outdoor table using manmade decking

As a new environmentally friendly building materials only appeared in recent years, wood floor waterproof, moisture-proof. The basic processing of other wood floor for wet and watery environment, after absorbing moisture easily decay, shrinkage problems, can be applied to traditional wood products can not be applied in the environment. Is because of these reasons described above, most people decorate the house so that they will take the initiative to choose wood floor. But also because of this, wood floor in the future development prospects are increasingly widespread. Wood Flooring [url=http://pvcboardprice.com/pvc-board/1678.html] board wpc United Kingdom[/url]

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