Art4TH just opened up a LULU Shop that sells EBooks. The books are going for $0.75 and I am asking you to review one of the books, Frozen Autumn which has 3 poems and 4 images. Two of the poems are by a good friend of mine, Samantha, and the other one by me.

I also want to let you know that I am looking for writers and visual artists to participate in the EBook sales. $0.56 of each sale will go into a PayPal account until $50 is accumulated and then 5 shelters will be picked by members of Art4TH and each shelter will receive $10.

Each writer and artist will retain their copyrights and this will give them a chance to get their work out there and noticed while being a part of a great cause.

Anyway here is the link for Frozen Autumn

Will you rate and review it?

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