Wood floors have national standards

Wood floors have national standards, why is there so much false propaganda on the market? Shenzhen Tian Li Bai floor Ltd. official told reporters, national testing standards are also many loopholes. Vulnerability detection device does not specify a difference in product quality laminate flooring is so obvious, of course, there are a few laminate flooring manufacturer disrupt Best Terrace Decking Wholesale & Manufacturers in China manufacturing counterfeit products market factors, also revealed still appears there is a gap in line with national standards. On the testing equipment, the world's unification with the Taber-type device detects the number of revolutions strengthen the wooden floor, and in our national standards, but only "or equivalent test equipment," the statement.

Two vulnerabilities detected dislocation substrate and the formaldehyde content of the product formaldehyde content also exists such a problem. Clearly labeled substrate formaldehyde content as qualified, but after testing the product has exceeded, which is to strengthen the case of wood flooring often arise. It is understood that the national standard requirements of the Using Waterproofing Plastic Between Mdf And Floor substrate is the formaldehyde content of 30 mg, and in order to produce the product is less than the required formaldehyde emission is 9mg / L standards; floor to achieve this standard must use formaldehyde content 20 mg of substrate. The standard for flooring manufacturers out of the problem. On the one hand the substrate detection is qualified, on the other hand end product testing failed.

Vulnerability three expansion test method deviations thickness swelling water reflects the board's performance. As the substrate of the floor, its water resistance should be higher than the furniture, this indicator is very important. Current laminate flooring national standard test method thickness swelling laminate flooring using 50 × 50 (mm) specimens, 20 ℃ soaked in water for 24 hours, to a thickness of the specimen before and after immersion center Changes to calculate the thickness swelling. In fact, the moisture from the online deck cost estimator Oppland laminate flooring edge after immersion in the plate moves more slowly, often the specimen edge expander has been very calendar harm, while the central part has not been expanded, so that changes in the thickness of the center to calculate absorption thickness swelling its value is very small.

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