Wood-plastic composite materials development path will be wider and wider

WPC in the decorating industry has a broad space for development, can play its due role, but the application and development of wood-plastic materials also focus on several aspects to improve and strengthen. A deep understanding and practice of "green wood-plastic composite materials are the lifeblood of sustainable development" concept, to make up for lack of industry knowledge to further increase the degree of attention to environmental protection. Second, the weaknesses is the key to WPC materials to build the core competitiveness of the real products. Let WPC suitable for use in a real place, it will be like a golden light. uvpc door hinge compression adjustments

Third, do not be too technical and technological research in the pursuit of the material itself, ignoring or weakening the product development application, you can not let the homogenization of products flooding the market, competition chaos. Fourth, objective and rational face WPC properties. Some companies spend a lot of energy to do a lot of research and improvement of Superman style, wasting a lot of time and resources, but poor results. Fifth, "specializing in surgery," "feet a director", to be good at absorbing and integrating different industries mature and advanced technology and technology, and take the road of common development of fusion. From a scientific attitude, "we know they are impossible" is not respect the objective laws of the development of the road. out door flooring lumber liquidator deck resurfacing products

Sixth, industry self-regulation, strengthen the supervision is the fundamental guarantee development of the industry, by the "wood" in the name of environmental protection, and the line counterfeit, shoddy, low-quality road, frustrating sad, we must make the effort to ban. In this new era of endless material, wood material with the concept of "environmental protection, energy saving", as well as their special advantages, at home and abroad in recent years has been the rapid development of applications continue to expand, product potential continue to be mining, can be described as lively extraordinary. I believe strongly in the current favorable environment advocate ecological civilization, WPC piece of "diamonds in the rough" is not only able to shine in China China, and the world will be able to shine.

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