Words should not be the weapons that they are

I have been exploring iPeace, 'meeting' people, reading blogs, joining groups and I see a lot of good happening here. It has raised my spirits to see the peace movement joining virtually and globally like this. It has also added more purpose to my new year. But, I am also seeing some disturbing comments and posts popping up, where it seems like the world's wars are being waged in words. They can hurt mighty bad, like swords, you know. I was struck by a comment left on my first post and followed the trail which does get a little wild and rambling. [Sometimes those paths can take you to new, unexpected places :) ] I still support everyone's right to speak their minds, but I am disheartened to read hateful words spoken in the name of peace. It seems wrong to choose sides when we all claim to be working for the same ultimate goal. However, maybe this is the best place for the debate to be held. Everyone needs to be heard and equally, to listen too. We are after all, still in this world together.
I cannot say how I would feel if I had to live under constant political, physical and verbal attacks daily. I would like to believe that I would still be a pacifist and would retain my basic personality and values, no matter where I live or what my culture is, but I cannot assume that. If I was raised in a war zone, if my culture was constantly attacked or denigrated, then I would probably feel defensive and resentful too. There are many strong and peaceful brothers and sisters living in the same torn zones and unstable homes, however, who have stood up for peace and do teach tolerance. Some of us just cannot let go of our conditioning or grudges, i guess.
I will never know what brings someone to the point of complete hatred and war. I can generally follow the reasoning and do have the ability to see things from many points of view, but I still cannot comprehend the ultimate act [whether it be abuse, murder, terrorism or war, etc]. I think in this way, I am fortunate. I have not lived a completely sheltered existence, i promise you that. I have seen the line a few times and chosen not to cross it. I do not really blame others when they do. I just haven't been pushed hard enough, maybe. And that is my fortune. So, I count that blessing.
Still, I hope that anyone on this space who has been pushed hard enough to cross the line or pick sides will soon see that the members of this community are all here together, ready to virtually sit in a circle and share thoughts, feelings and experiences, rather than lobbing words as weapons from afar. We can hear each other better when hate does not get in the way.

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Comment by Paul Torraco on June 7, 2009 at 11:39pm
Janflora I think I can answer your question: "I will never know what brings someone to the point of complete hatred and war." In one word. Ignorance.
Comment by beebopbeedoobi on January 4, 2009 at 4:15pm
I have only just joined this site, (it happened by chance), but am glad that the first post i read was so sensible. thank you.

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