For the very first time in human history, instant download access is available to the coded information, that reveals how we can become one with the unlimited creative universe and thereby become one with each other! When we access this data, then load and save the relevant identity files, the connection to the universal servers will be activated, and remain accessible, 24/7, as long as we perform regular updates or continue to evolve.

Connecting to the universal servers simply means aligning the energy of our thoughts and behaviors, with the laws and powerful forces of energy that govern the universe. At this point, we gain access to unseen data files that contain the answers to all of our questions, and the solutions to all of our problems! Because of the volatile state of human relations around the world today, time is of the utmost importance. There has been discussion in recent years on the topic of dirty bombs or, crude nuclear explosive device detonations in major cities around the world.

This subject was once only the stuff for action movies and entertaining discussion but today, a large and increasing number of people around the world accept this scenario as a coming, unavoidable reality! The so-called Great Apocalypse/The war of Armageddon.

It is important then that we make available to the entire human family, any and all information that would if applied, help to calm the current worldwide wave of terror, war and destruction,... thereby giving members of The World Community hope for a bright and peaceful future existence.

We can turn this thing around! We can stop the madness then end this wave of terror and destruction, but we must act now! On a planet where weapons of mass destruction are available to anyone who is able to purchase them, if all out global nuclear warfare were to break out, the human experiment on planet earth would surely be put on hold and maybe even terminated by way of self destruction!

The global nuclear war we often speak about,... that all out war that must never take place has already started on a small scale. Examples of this can be seen by observing the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the Israeli Palestinian conflict and any of the other acts of armed aggression between nations currently going on around the world. Any one of these conflicts could explode into global conflict at any moment! If we do not act soon to spread the message of oneness around the world, it will be too late. One Universe, One Earth, and One People. If we reach this point of all out global conflict, the quality of life on earth will deteriorate to the point of no return!

All around the world, there may be pockets of human survivors, dug in deep inside the earth who may survive for a time after this terrible war, but by then, our atmosphere will have been turned to poison gas. Life as we have come to know and enjoy it will have become a thing of the past. All we will really have left is a sad reminder of the way things were,... and thoughts of what could have been!

We must reverse this tide of terror and destruction which now threatens our very existence! This will empower us to stop the madness that has us on a dead end course straight into another age of darkness on earth! The question that now comes to mind? "Are there any other options open to us, other than the course of war, terror and destruction that we are currently on?"

Yes,... there are indeed other options open to us! The thing is, we have to look from a different vantage point or a different point of view if we really want to find these more enlightened choices. We must not look from a matter based ego point of view, but from a point of view that is universal and eternal! The vantage point that reveals the essence of our true and eternal being, where we are truly one with the powerful forces of nature!

But please, not from the point of view of those who are trapped on the treadmill of matter. Those who have isolated themselves from the laws of nature! Some of us actually believe that the only aspect of ourselves is that of matter, in spite of the fact that as we observe our planet from a point located in deep space, we are invisible as matter. You have to get a close up view of our planet in order to see us as matter at all!

We have come to believe in many different stories, dreams and tales that supposedly explain how we all came to be. We refer to these stories and tales as Religion! Because these religions do not have to be based in proven scientific fact and logic, we accept many strange, unnatural events and behaviors as our reality... A better, more enlightened point of view, is the view that reflects the scientific approach!

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Comment by Kara Johnstad on April 30, 2009 at 12:13pm
i love meeting you today... feels good.

Producer of the Essence Show
"a sound choice for global mind - global heart"
Comment by Beatrice LATEUR LACROIX on April 27, 2009 at 7:24pm
Thank you, Charlie for such a profound sharing and for oferring to everone another way full of Joy and Hope.
lLove and Peace.
Comment by Eau Douce on April 10, 2009 at 12:14am
Weavers of New Reality
Why resist to Enchantment?
Nature is our Mother and
'She's been waiting so long for the return of All Her Children
It is an invitation to release the false time of the false gregorian calendar
and to weave Harmony and Honor
acknowledging our Divine Relation with All Living Beings.

Charlie You are so clear and concise with your info
I really enjoy your WIsdom
I vote for You for the Free Flowing University,
an invisible university, a continuing School of Life

Being in sync with the 13moon calendar is a key available to Us NOW
see the
sites that I refer to guideon the New Reality PAth.
Visit me and please tell me your GAlactic Signature!
Comment by SCarinhas on April 4, 2009 at 9:31pm
Congratulations for the video and for the message in!

Peace and Love for you my dear friend

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