WPC railing construction and installation is to pay attention to detail

WPC because of environmental decay and other quality performance has been widely applied to various industries, which is now more commonly used wood floors and wood railing used. So WPC railing use the time to pay attention to what the details of it? Today small to give you a simple analysis: retailer of rpl plastic lumber in singapore

A: 1, according to the calculation crossed, calculation accuracy is higher; 2, a combination of manual and mechanical opening various tenon. II: 1, part wood railings can be installed on the ground; 2, the installation time to pay attention to protect the surface from being scratched wood railing not; 3, install wood railing at the time to ensure the strength of the case, in order to ensure beautiful note position screw. Three: For radian requirements railings, we need to calculate the angle tenon. Four: 1, wood railings wreath installation time to pay attention to appearance, try not exposed screw holes; outdoor deck floor covering

2. Install a hat when you need to use glue. Five: For wood railing radian required to pay attention to well-balanced transition. WPC railing above is to use the time to pay attention to the details of the knowledge and want to know more information about the wood used in the railing and look forward to your cooperation. WPC Railing [url=http://pvcboardprice.com/pvc-board/2079.html] pvc board manufacturers[/url]

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