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My experience has been that not only is there resistance to change, there is resistance to acceptance. The levels of change needed to achieve peace, to me seem so radical that I doubt most people would make the transition were it not for the crumbling of the old. Because if the old ways were working what would be the motivation, the urgency to change? And for still more people, the quest may well continue to try and fashion solutions from the tatters of what we have known- tick tock, tick tock.... it only takes a handful of people to create new systems so that when larger numbers of people realize that is what is needed they exist for them to turn to, improve upon and benefit from.....

Cultural Fusion has evolved out of my own understanding and experiences of what works to make genuine connections that move ideas forward and translate into committed action, what works to bring out the best in people, and acceptance of ourselves because that is needed to make acceptance of others a reality.

I think this discussion speaks to the social aspects of peace, but in truth it seems that peace is also a deeply personal - soulfully intimate journey that we have the choice to make. But it is an experience that manifest because of consistent commitment to remain connected to that personal reality of inner peace...only then does it seem, can I meet you there, in the land where peace prevails.
See Project:what is peace?

In the Cultural Fusion Art as Philosophy (cf AaP) series we are exploring how to integrate these ideals into economic systems, art based solutions for businesses and communities, peer to peer models for bottom up innovation, production processes for these kind passion driven p2p networks- "management" without corporate/organizational hierarchy, self sustaining community intervention programs for those in need....

What are the new market opportunities that support these kind of ideas, in industries that do not yet exist as such but the indicators of their emergence are here? I believe that "personal fabrication", the changing face of organizing, the rise of protest art in the context of social media, the rise in value of intangible assets....See the development site for more info and please feel free to connect if this is of interest to you.

In terms of increasing the peace at all levels, I am learning about Radical Inclusion as a core component in building new systems...one being automation of global social responsibility as CRM (customer relationship management) Strategy.

William Pope L. used his "Black Factory" project to explore art as a context for a business that created "Opportunity" in a rather superficial "artsy" way. In Cultural Fusion I am exploring art as the context for delivering real opportunities and solutions via products and service that address the issues mentioned to make a better world a reality NOW, because we are actively participating in creating it.

Currently I am inviting people, especially artists, to contribute to a new video that puts Cultural Fusion art sponsorships into context and helps define the project "brand"....where we move beyond selling people on an image of what a company/product/thing is and instead invite them to explore/help define what it is.
Each person that is selected will contribute a video clip reading one to three slides from a power point presentation. If you are an artist, I'd love to see your work included in the background of your clip....each presenter will be credited in subtitle, as well as an article with links to Cultural Fusion member profiles. Contributors will also be featured in upcoming radio shows, interview or feature in Oci Novosti magazine - new project publication launching later this month. (let me know if you'd like to help with that I have a mock up I did when I first started working on the idea)

If you are or know of anyone that would be interested in participating please connect with me at the Cultural Fusion group network for next steps.

Thanks everyone for sharing and for the chance to share in return :-)

All the best!

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