Today I received an e-mail showing terrible pictures... about what's really going on in Gaza, it says (I was feeling, I was really manipulated)...

I was sitting in front of my computer devastated, and could not believe what my eyes were seeing... I remained a long time in front of these pictures... then, of course, I started to cry... as an empath, I could not NOT feel the pain, the suffering, the outrage, the lack of respect toward human rights... human LIFE... God's LIFE... God's creations...

This mail is asking everybody to send these pictures to every friend and contacts, especially people from one side...

I took some time in order to think... to re-order my thoughts and my feelings, and I came to the conclusion that this mail was nothing but all about SEPARATION!
It was a manipulation, a distortion of the reality I chose to live when I've realized that there is another WAY...

Was Peace shown in it?
Could I find some Hope in it?
Was commitment in really wanting to change the state of war into a state of Peace, shown somewhere?

No, no & no!

Personally, I don't think that this kind of mail will help anybody finding Peace in himself, and nor are them helping both of the 2 sides to calm down and tying to find a moment in order to begin a ceasefire dialogue.

I think that, when you really WANT Peace, the best way to act is to FOCUS EXCLUSIVELY on Peace, and to begin to spread out another kind of Energy, another kind of images, words, thoughts, stories, etc..., the kind which will encourage the union between people of two differnt sides, of all sides!

I really think that we all have to focus on PEACE, the rest, which is what we've got until today, is not important, because it was not the best solution (actually it wasn't a solution at all, because what we've got until now, was only war!)...
It was only a possibility... and to put it blumtly, I think that it has been explored till its exhaustion,now!

It's said that: "Energy flows where Attention goes!"

So, be careful what you put your attention on!

Be aware of any moment of your day,

and choose carefully,

where to put your POWERFUL Attention!

We are all ONE.

What I'm doing to YOU, I'm doing to MYSELF!

There is NO you, he, she, me or them anymore!

There's only WE!

Next step for humanity is to realize ONENESS.

Let's begin today... I'm YOU and you are ME!!!

I Love and respect YOU and in doing so, this love and respect comes back to MYSELF!

Because WE are ONE!

Love, Light & Peace



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Comment by ♥ Sara ♥ Raleiah ♥ on January 19, 2009 at 12:53pm
Thanks Saggi,
I feel that I certainly AM blessed, because I've met a wonderful LIGHT like YOU, and many OTHERS during my time in this reality...
And here on iPeace...

YOU are blessed, too...
WE all are...
The most important thing is...
To be aware about that blessing!

; )))

Love, Light & Peace

Comment by Saggi_tario on January 19, 2009 at 11:36am
Dear Sara.. yup, you are not alone.. it's so amazing to see so many like-minded people here.. the positive energy around.. really hooked me..

Psychiatrists? and mad? gosh! haha! they come out with lots of "labels"huh?... but i think that's just us being human.. and being capable of "labeling" is among the things that push our civilization forward.. haha! I was labeled with many names too.. "heretic" was one of them.. hahaha!! it makes me laugh every time i says that.. haha!

you were talking about helping people and sharing .. mm.. in the end, that is what life is all about, huh? - "connections" - everywhere we see us talking about "you" and "me" or "them" and "us" and we often overlook the "connections in between"... I am so feeling u on this one.. and the "holographic illusions" ... it appears crystal clear in front of my forehead..

u were born in Lugano? I've heard of that name before .. are trains to Milan (from Zurich) travel by passing Lugano? mmm.. Malaysia.. I think..may be.. just may be.. you'll love the weather.. and as for the food.. you need to be strict with yourself..haha! the varieties of it can make u fat.. haha! the beaches are mostly nice.. the people are mostly friendly.. that they can bum into u on the street and then bring u home to have lunch or dinner ... but then again, I believe traveling could really reflects who we are.. A nice person like u, will always meet nice people.. anyway, if you are here in Malaysia.. remember.. it is a "sin"..nah.. it should be written in capital letters .."SIN".. if you don't let me know.. haha! how about that?

May u be blessed, Sara!

Comment by ♥ Sara ♥ Raleiah ♥ on January 18, 2009 at 10:53pm
Dear Saggi,
I'm so happy to find someone who feel exactly how I feel...
You know when I was looking these pictures, it was as if I were these victims, I was feeling the wounds on me, the pain... you know how it was, don't you? You feel the same...

(Psychiatrists would call me an hyper-sensitive, in the past they would call me mad)

I'm simply an empath and I experience all the emotions, feelings, sufferings that others are experiencing.
I had to learn to go on with this skill, and sometimes it was not easy
(today, I can help people feeling better, and that's really positive!)

Now I've found my center (I did my choice) and I am careful where to direct my attention.
Life is a process, for everybody...
The best is to swim in the flow...
The rest it's up to everyone's choices...
... and it's just an holographic illusion!
That's why we can change it, when we realize that it is self-destroying by using the Creative Power.

Yes I'm Swiss, I'm born in Lugano (Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland)...
During my life I moved 15 times (Germany, Geneva, Rom, Bruxelles, Zurich, Basel) and I traveled a lot.
I love to meet new people and learn how they live.
Zurich & Luzern, Switzerland are different from your nice land, Malaysia... I haven't been there,yet... but would like to visit your nice Malaysia, so a pretty name.
People there seem to be very sweet, like in Thailand (I know that every country has problems, yours must not be an exception, but I still think that Malaysia is inhabited by sweet people).

Good night by now!

Love, Light & Peace

Comment by Saggi_tario on January 18, 2009 at 9:18pm
Sara.. what u said is just so true.. we share exactly the same world view.. when u said about the pictures.. gosh!.. i know exactly what you are talking about.. they just touched me so deeply... i receive lots of email pictures related to the war.. and there are times that i just delete them before seeing it.. it's just too hard to see... seeing babies and toddlers smelling gun smokes rather than baby lotions and hugged by bleeding hands when they are just about to get to know the world.. but u know what.. the war will be cured.. becoz u prayed.

Oh, btw.. u r from swiss? what a beautiful country.. went to zurich & luzern.. beautiful!
Comment by Sabriyah Fatimah on January 18, 2009 at 5:49pm
I agree- we all have the opportunity to choose peace, whether we live in Switzerland, Shangrala or Gaza. It is a harder choice if all those around us are choosing hatred, separation, vengeance and war, but we all have free will to choose peace in our hearts, even if we are too fearful to express the peace we feel to those around us.

Thank you for this beautiful simple reminder of a great truth.
Comment by ♥ Sara ♥ Raleiah ♥ on January 18, 2009 at 4:33pm
The key to all you want to become lies in your willingness to let go, and to allow the metamorphosis in which you are deeply enmershed, to proceed.

~Oneness, channeled by Rasha
Comment by ♥ Sara ♥ Raleiah ♥ on January 17, 2009 at 3:22pm
Dear Christine,

The answer is... I continue to focus on PEACE
...and because "The law of attraction" is always working...I imagine everybody (Gaza and its neighbourhood, people from both sides) already having a peaceful life...

I imagine everybody having peaceful interactions...

I imagine everybody healthy and safe...

I imagine houses, schools, mosques, hospitals, buildings, kids’ playgrounds, retail and wholesale trades, sports centers, etc..., already re-built and safe...

I imagine people having a healthy peaceful life, going to school, to work, going shopping, talking in the street, playing together, doing sport together, smiling at each other, being nice to each other...

I imagine people from both sides, having all these nice experiences TOGETHER, and forming a harmonious Whole ...

This is what I'm doing right now, and what I will continue to do...

This is my way to helping them
And I’m already doing it!

Oh YES, you can call me privileged, because I live in Switzerland and not in Gaza... and I certainly am.

What I can tell you, is that my heart, my soul, my entire ME are there, with them!

And you know why?

Because I am YOU...

And YOU are ME…

I am THEM...

and THEY are ME...

and at the end, WE all are ONE!

I had the choice to continue to SUFFER with them...
I could choose to continue to hate, to complain about what the other side is doing, and to go on with this war...


I could decide to CHOOSE something ELSE!

I've chosen something ELSE, you know...
and that's what I'm decided to live and to manifest!

For myself, I’ve decided that it is ENOUGH…
I had really ENOUGH of war, hate, suffering, crying, dying,etc…

In my Heart, there is no space for Separation anymore!

There is no more YOU did that…,
no more, but YOU are the one who did that to me, etc...

There is no more, I am the victim, and I suffer because You did that...
No more, it's YOU...
No more, THEY did that to me...

No more place for separation!

This is the past, and it’s GONE!

The new concept I’m experiencing is that I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME...

And when I came to realize this concept, that WE ARE ALL ONE!,

I was finally ready to begin to think and act from this new point of view... and my thoughts and actions were completely different from my previous ones, the ones of the past...

I began to use my “Power of Creation” with Awareness...

Then I needed to make new Choices, and to be CLEAR about my INTENTIONS!...

What did I chose?

I chose PEACE!... and that's why I'm using my "Power of Creation" in order to manifest Peace on Earth now...

You maybe think that from my living place, I can do nothing, or little, to help getting a solution for the Gaza conflict...

I am convinced, and I can assure you, that my contribution with my Energy/ Prayer/Manifesting "work", is not smaller than any other help organised on the ground...

The Human Family has to accomplish an Awareness leap, and in order to do that, we all need to get in touch with this infinite and never-ending (but still less know) Power called UNCONDITIONAL LOVE...

This LOVE is not somewhere in the Universe...

It abides right in YOU,

in you HEART,

in your HEAD,

in you DNA!

So, if you feel ready for something new,
come in touch with Your LOVE
and begin to use your Creative Power,
your Manifesting Power
(I tell you, this Power is always switched ON, in you as well!)
and begin to create a NEW WORLD,
a world of PEACE.

The most important thing is to focus you Attention on Peace,
exclusively on PEACE!

No more War thoughts/actions,
no more thoughts/actions of Separation of any kind!

Focus on Love and Peace!

In order to manifest that Peace anywhere, you need to imagine a peaceful situation, peaceful people and peaceful places, as if Peace has already happened,

You need to FEEL the positive EMOTIONS that this situations bring to you,

and you need to BE GRATEFUL for all this that has already happened

That’s all you have to do,simple and clear…

And interestingly, that’s all you already do, everyday of your life, anyway…

maybe you’re not aware,yet…
but I assure you, you’re already fonctioning in that way
we all do,
we, human beings.

Maybe,you could just learn to use these fantastic skills while being aware of it,
and being aware that YOU are the one who choose…

You are already able to do that, ton choose,
You do IT in an unconscious way every time you think…

Every thought you have, is an intention you have,
An intention you’ll manifest, soon or later.

(Do you remember?... Be careful of what you're asking, because you will get it!)

So, let’s do it in a conscious way!

Use your “Power of Creation” consciously and…

Make your choice!

I did mine,

When are YOU going to choose PEACE?

If you're interested in manifesting Peace, join the group

The more we are, the more effective our manifestations will be!

Love, Light & Peace

Comment by Christine Quelch on January 17, 2009 at 6:49am
Hello Sara, Not everyone is given the opportunity to choose peace. There are many who have wars, bombs and sieges thrown upon them. Many of the people on ipeace are in the midst of a war of some kind, and they are hoping for some kind of assistance to bring an end to the wars they are subjected to.

I dare say the photos were offensive, but they were probably someone’s scream for help in the midst of a nightmare they are totally powerless to stop. Maybe they noticed you are from Switzerland, a country that is famous for its ability to dodge war, and perhaps they thought you could therefore help them in some way.

Some people have the good fortune to be born in places like Switzerland or Australia, others end up in Gaza. As you say, we are all one, but some of us need the help of others.

Can you think of something you could do that would help the people of Gaza? They are possibly the most powerless in the world.
Comment by David Gould on January 17, 2009 at 2:31am
To be the change we have to believe we are the change.
To be the Peace we have to be the Peace
Thank you for reminding us of the simple message of ipeace
and of its power in the world.
Comment by ♥ Sara ♥ Raleiah ♥ on January 16, 2009 at 11:24pm
Me too!!!
I Love you.

Peace <br / Sara

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