Today I received an e-mail showing terrible pictures... about what's really going on in Gaza, it says (I was feeling, I was really manipulated)...

I was sitting in front of my computer devastated, and could not believe what my eyes were seeing... I remained a long time in front of these pictures... then, of course, I started to cry... as an empath, I could not NOT feel the pain, the suffering, the outrage, the lack of respect toward human rights... human LIFE... God's LIFE... God's creations...

This mail is asking everybody to send these pictures to every friend and contacts, especially people from one side...

I took some time in order to think... to re-order my thoughts and my feelings, and I came to the conclusion that this mail was nothing but all about SEPARATION!
It was a manipulation, a distortion of the reality I chose to live when I've realized that there is another WAY...

Was Peace shown in it?
Could I find some Hope in it?
Was commitment in really wanting to change the state of war into a state of Peace, shown somewhere?

No, no & no!

Personally, I don't think that this kind of mail will help anybody finding Peace in himself, and nor are them helping both of the 2 sides to calm down and tying to find a moment in order to begin a ceasefire dialogue.

I think that, when you really WANT Peace, the best way to act is to FOCUS EXCLUSIVELY on Peace, and to begin to spread out another kind of Energy, another kind of images, words, thoughts, stories, etc..., the kind which will encourage the union between people of two differnt sides, of all sides!

I really think that we all have to focus on PEACE, the rest, which is what we've got until today, is not important, because it was not the best solution (actually it wasn't a solution at all, because what we've got until now, was only war!)...
It was only a possibility... and to put it blumtly, I think that it has been explored till its exhaustion,now!

It's said that: "Energy flows where Attention goes!"

So, be careful what you put your attention on!

Be aware of any moment of your day,

and choose carefully,

where to put your POWERFUL Attention!

We are all ONE.

What I'm doing to YOU, I'm doing to MYSELF!

There is NO you, he, she, me or them anymore!

There's only WE!

Next step for humanity is to realize ONENESS.

Let's begin today... I'm YOU and you are ME!!!

I Love and respect YOU and in doing so, this love and respect comes back to MYSELF!

Because WE are ONE!

Love, Light & Peace



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Comment by ♥ Sara ♥ Raleiah ♥ on January 16, 2009 at 11:12pm
You're very welcome...
It's interesting to whatch how sincronicity, your Angels, magic, the Universe, or whaterver you want to call it, is working, isn't it?
Awareness is the key...
The rest is only... LOVE!

Love, Light & Peace

Comment by Beatrice LATEUR LACROIX on January 16, 2009 at 11:10pm
As I told you before, I think that the most important thing we can do for Peace is to pacify our hearts. I'm the Peacemaker, you're the Peacemaker, We're the Peacemakers. So it's time now to focus our attention on Peace and Love.
Comment by ♥ Sara ♥ Raleiah ♥ on January 16, 2009 at 10:57pm
Thanks Jahsi,
It's beautiful!

Love, Light & Peace


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