You say you know me... How have you come to this understanding? How do You know Me?Have you been to my home? Have you met my wife? Have you seen my children while outside to play?Have you joined me at the Sacred Fire or shared the pipe or burned sage with me?Now I have ask this for You to answer,  so what say You?Nothing, not even a whisper of a word of yours to my humble ear...Nothing...So I say once more...What say You? I AM THE ONE THAT CREATED ALL THINGS...YES I KNOW YOU...FOR I CREATED YOU...I SENT MY ONLY SON TO DIE FOR YOU...SO YES, I KNOW YOU...YOU ARE MINE, YOU ARE AS I DESIGNED, YOU ARE ONE OF MANY THAT I LOVE AND DESIRE TO SHARE KNOWLEDGE AND THE HEAVENS WITH, YES I KNOW YOU...I CAN CALL YOU BY NAME...I CAN TELL YOU HOW MANY HAIRS ARE ON YOUR HEAD, I CAN TELL YOU WHAT YOU WILL DO IN TIME TO COME, I CAN TELL YOU EVERYTHING YOU HAVE THOUGHT OR DONE IN YOUR LIFE...SO I SAY TO YOU...DO I KNOW YOU, AND BETTER YET, DO YOU KNOW ME? SO WHAT SAY YOU? I say Yes, I know You...You are the Creator of All Things, You are the only I AM, You are the truth in Life itself, You are the feeling of love itself, You are the beginning of each day, the middle of each day, the end of each day...You are what makes the day, you are the Creator of life and its true purpose, so I say Yes I know You... So You know Me and I know You, so why then did You feel the need to ask this of Me...I needed to feel the warmth of Your words flowing into my ear, I needed to hear the power of Your words and the feeling that always falls on my spirit once You say a word...I just felt the need to share this time with You and to know that when I call, You always answer...this is why...I just wanted to also say...Thank You for All Things this and everyday, and never allow me to have a thought of being alone, for You told me I would never be alone for You are always with me and I live to feel and see and hear You Creator, I just need more than life itself....YOU...


Blessings to All....Joseph/EagleBear

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