Message from Elohim Arcturus
You HAVE the Force and Power of God
Channeled by: Julie Miller
October 20, 2011


I AM Elohim Arcturus and I serve in the 7th Ray; within the Violet and Purple Flames with my twin flame and Divine Counterpart, Victoria. And it pleases me tremendously to come forward through this vessel to speak to so many of God’s sons and daughters.


I see so much change and transformation on Mother Earth with the inhabitants of her surface. Change is an ongoing force, and some dear souls do not welcome change as they become attached to what life has unfolded for them so far; even if they are not truly happy. Change for some folks can be quite frightening, because there is plenty of unknown and uncertainty waiting behind the next corner.


Courage, strength, inner-faith, self-love will help you overcome these fears when facing transformational changes. Believe that God and God’s love and light lives within your own heart dear ones. You have the Force and Power of God within your very own being. Go ahead, and accept the changes to come; embrace them with gratitude and FREE yourself from any inhibitions that have kept you from progressing along your spiritual and personal development.


Call upon the Violet Flame dear ones during all parts of your routine. When you invoke, or call upon the Violet Flame, either through decrees, songs, mantras, affirmations, even manifestations, you are releasing an enormous phenomenon of light that will speed up your spirituality and move you further along the path you have awoken to.


Adapt to the changes that are happening so rapidly, and absorb the energies that come with these monumental changes. Accept them lovingly and learn the lessons that come with the changes. Some of what is included with the changes that are noticeably occurring is your ability to bring mercy, forgiveness, compassion and love into your actions, into you spoken word, into your presence and into your own WILL of God. When you learn to love yourself completely and unconditionally, you begin to see the world and those within your own world in a different light. You will notice yourself acting more compassionate and merciful to those around you. You have created for yourself and within yourself a calmer persona from all the work you have done so far that accelerated your spiritual and personal growth so far. You will notice you are less prone to angry outbursts or other negative responses than when you first began your journey to the Oneness of your heart and of God.


Forgiveness is a huge contributing factor to progressing along your Divine Path. You have learned much about yourself, about those who are a part of your life, your guides, and where your interests lie. You have met individuals either in person, or through other means like this World Wide Web, that you did not see eye-to-eye. There is no coincidence that these people have been a part of your life. They too have a purpose and are following their own guidance from who they respond to. And sometimes there is a clash of personalities, learning, adaptability, etc. that creates a little chaos. THIS is all normal. You learn from these interactions how you respond with specific people and situations. You learn to forgive yourself and you learn to forgive those who have stepped on your toes, hurt your feelings, who did you wrong in another way that has not been mentioned. Forgive from your heart with ALL the sincerity that lives in your heart dear ones. YOU are all CREATOR beings, you have the ability to create love and light wherever you go and whoever you meet. It is always much better to shine your love rather your hate and discord.


The more you are able to live like God; loving unconditionally, being compassionate, showing mercy, kindness and acceptance to all of mankind without lingering prejudice, judgments or assumptions, you will find yourself feeling more FREE and open to more spiritual growth that will affect your personal life in a very positive and loving way. Being that you ARE a being of LIGHT; we want you to be that light, not bogged down by so much negative energy that clutters up your brilliance, which is derived from not opening yourself to the FULLNESS of pure love. The more you clear, forgive and love with all that includes, the more free you will feel, and it will feel beautiful; a euphoric feeling.


The Violet Flame is a very healing and nurturing flame. Call upon this flame with any one of the ones that serve within the Office of the 7th Ray, and you will be guided as to what is best for you to choose on how to utilize this flame for yourself and your own spirituality. The end to our pleasant discussion has come. I plan on returning again. Until that time, find the peace that lives within your mind, body and spirit. My love for you radiates intense warmth for each and every one of you.


Namaste, Elohim Arcturus through Julie Miller

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