YOU Hold the Power
Message from Master Kuthumi

Received by Julie Miller
April 19, 2014



Your beliefs are so powerful! You know this to be true. You have had many experiences where you have turned the impossible into the possible simply by believing. You also know that the many times you have been told something by a person with authority, someone that has trained knowledge that you can’t do something, you will believe it, even if the words told are not entirely accurate. And your power of belief is so powerful that once you believe something, you begin behaving and responding as if the prediction or the words are actual truth, therefore manifesting the results to actually happen. Depending on what is being told to you, can encourage you, boost your confidence or erode your confidence and discourage you.


If negative beliefs can cause a disempowerment to your confidence, just imagine how empowering and powerful positive beliefs are. If you believe heart and soul that you can do something, reach a certain goal, dream or accomplishment, you will find a way to make this reach possible. A lot of great things got accomplished around the world throughout your history because those people believed they could; there was no impossible, even though many may have opposed the concept of putting a man on the moon, or thought it was impossible to overthrow the British that once sat comfortably in India. Impossible wasn’t in their thoughts, they believed anything and all is possible and forged ahead with a fire burning in their hearts.


Dear hearts, believing that something is possible, that can be done and accomplished is your first step on the path of fearlessness and to reaching and succeeding your goals and dreams. Understand that being in a state of fearlessness is all about your thoughts and feelings, and it’s not genetic. Any person can obtain fearlessness and strengthen it. It is a powerful state of mind where you courage grows and you are reminded of all the great things you have already accomplished. Most likely, without knowing it, you have already achieved many impossible feats. Take some time to contemplate and reflect back to some of your experiences and think are any of what you have accomplished things you once thought you could never have done. You can make a list of what you discover and keep this list handy whenever you find yourself disbelieving that you don’t have what it takes to bring new, long lasting changes into your life, or when persevering becomes tiring and you feel like giving up, allowing the impossible to slip away.


Of course you will feel more overwhelmed and stressed on some days because life seems to come at you out of nowhere with unexpected challenges and you simply become tired. And sometimes when you are feeling tired, the vision you have of yourself achieving certain goals or dreams begin to cloud, and your ability to hear God’s voice is blurred. Remember Dear Hearts that He is always with you; never does He leave you. Even when you cannot feel him because you have become so wrapped up in negative feelings and despair, He is there.


When the power of your belief becomes shaky and you wonder why it is that God has you on such a difficult path, remind yourself He knows you can surpass any challenge. The faith He has in you, He wants you to have for yourself. Have faith Dear Hearts that you will overcome any challenge and you will achieve your goals and dreams because you believe that you can. The moment your belief changes even the slightest, reach for God’s hand and know with all your heart and soul that He will not let you become lost. His light will shine you a path back to your goals and dreams, where you are confident and empowered to make the impossible…possible.


Life will tempt you and try to dissuade you from your current path that is bringing you closer to fulfilling your goals and dreams. When you feel Hope begin to slip away, remind yourself of the importance of your goals and dreams, why you are working so diligently to achieve them and take some time to be with God through prayer or meditation so calm can enter your mind frame once again. As you turn your perspective from a place of defeat to a place of victory anything is possible. Your belief is that powerful. When you fully believe in God and in all that you do, you will be able to walk through the shadowy mists of doubt; you will shine through the impossible and turn every chance into a shared opportunity with God, allowing Him to walk through all your victories with you. And you will have them, many of them. Believe in yourself as we do, as God does. The world and life you have envisioned is in your hands, you have the power to make your beliefs come to life. Believe Dear Hearts.


I AM Ascended Master, Kuthumi…

…through Julie Miller 

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