Your life can be percieved as the most beautiful thing you've ever lived. #downtherabbithole

"A single glimpse of this truth upends our entire world-view, and reality is never quite the same. We are suddenly launched, for better or worse, onto a path that is fueled by our yearning to part the veils
that shield our eyes from seeing a puddle of spilled coke as anything
less than a fantastical, mystical, miraculous and mysterious appearance
in the midst of an inexplicable infinite universe! And the same for
every blade of grass, our little finger, and all of our fellow
creatures. Our earth-Gaia-like Pandora, is teeming with life, every
quark connected to every other and all linked to the whole through the
vast web of Indra's net. Sneeze in Kentucky, and a cockroach in
Calcutta moves a little to the left.
The alluring world of Pandora is not "out there." It surrounds us every
moment, it is the very atmosphere in which we live and move and have
our being. Hell and heaven are separated only by an infinitesimal turn
of the mind and inner view. The longing to live on Pandora is our
deepest soul cry to be who we really are and see life as it really is."


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