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At 2:34pm on October 24, 2010, G.P. said…

At 2:05pm on October 24, 2010, Muntaser said…
I wish you a happy birthday
At 2:46pm on June 20, 2010, Eva said…

iPeace is deleted from David Califa the end of June. Here you can find a new home.

You are cordially invited.

Warm regards, Eva
At 7:55am on October 24, 2009, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…


At 8:51am on October 23, 2009, Tina said…

At 10:13pm on June 27, 2009, s <3 said…

At 6:53am on June 19, 2009, susan chandel said…
Hi Marian I hope all is well with you and yours. Summer must be beautiful in the berkshires.
At 10:50pm on April 23, 2009, Tree Thunderchild said…
Hello Marian, I have noticed (programing that alerts me to changes on my page) there are comments from you on my photos, that I may not have time to read today though I wish to, I have power today, but low on time due to work needing to be done for clients I am behind on due to low wind on my wind chargers this week.
I can understand delays in comments with one another on this site, and beyond, for as John Lennon once said "life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans".

I await spring, the green has not yet come to my land, which is covered in gray, from the ash fall of one of the volcanoes near me.
I hope your daughter is doing better! As with yourself also!
Hospitals rather make me feel paranoid, just to enter one, not knowing or rather knowing, there are many sicknesses there, and not wanting to become worse, by going to one, to get better!
I must go for now, and for a time, due to being blessed with good winds, and needing to do work for my income I was not able to get done before, but I look forward (tonight?) to returning even if only to read your comments!
Welcome back, and may your health be well, and hopefully in some magic way, what you caught at the hospital, you took on yourself, instead of it adding to what your daughter was going through....
Peace, love and light to you my friend!
At 11:19am on April 10, 2009, s <3 said…
Happy Easter xxx

At 1:41pm on April 9, 2009, susan chandel said…

CeLEbrAte !
At 11:55am on April 7, 2009, s <3 said…
I was sent this today and thought you might find it interesting, the video is 2 hours long but well worth watching.

The link is:
At 4:17am on April 2, 2009, s <3 said…
At 3:43am on April 2, 2009, s <3 said…
Thanks for being friends. I enjoy your stories xxx

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At 9:12am on March 30, 2009, s <3 said…

At 6:52am on March 30, 2009, Tree Thunderchild said…
I have just added a new friend, and come to her page to find such color and magic that if not smiling before visiting, I am smiling now, a smile I know I will carry with me for quite some time.
I'm glad you joined Stephanie's group 15,000 stories, but not sure what she is going to go through when we reach 14,999 :D
Thank you for helping us get there so we can find out ;)
You have a BEAUTIFUL page decorated with what is within you Marian!
It is my pleasure to meet you!
Thank you for this smile on my face!
At 8:04am on March 28, 2009, Stephanie said…

Please come see the group...there is a great story about gardening now, and others...
also on the comments on stories part wonderful friendships born here, and great writers
hope to hear yours too
even just a short little story, a three liner...doesn't matter
At 11:24pm on March 6, 2009, susan chandel said…
Greetings from Alphonso and Beauticia
I hope that you continue to enjoy your visits to iPeace!
At 8:46am on March 5, 2009, ken said…

sweet dreams
At 3:25pm on March 2, 2009, esoldier said…
i'm jash from india
i am a film student

i have made a movie on world peace

Plz watch it and comment and rate it!!!

please add this video to your blog/website/myspace/facebook

At 8:01am on February 26, 2009, Gordon J Millar ~ The Global We said…
Hi Marian,

It's lovely to find you here, you are very welcome on iPeace!

It's also great to see you actively participating on this network. Please bring your friends to this special place :o)


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