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At 3:13am on December 19, 2008, Robert said…
It was supposed to mean box of snow. is that wrong? what does caixa de neve mean anyway? lol :-)
At 2:26am on December 19, 2008, mohmmad said…
At 11:22pm on December 18, 2008, Robert said…
Caro Ana,
Nunca viu neve? WOW! Existem algumas altas montanhas lá .. Eles devem chegar neve às vezes, não? Talvez eu possa enviar-lhe uma caixa de neve ... Eu prometi para uma Sandra, em São Paulo, talvez ela irá partilhar LOL ...
Esperamos que você tenha um ótimo Natal e Ano Novo! Paz e Unidade, Robert
At 10:35pm on December 18, 2008, Robert said…

Hi Ana, Here is a photo of the latest snowfall here. Such a beautiful place when it is like this!!! Hope you are finding time to play and be creative every day. If I don't touch base between now and then, have a great Christmas and New Year! ~R
At 8:01pm on December 18, 2008, Adam Neiman said…
there's no misunderstanding w/ David- except a misunderstanding of peace & what it takes to make it. avoidance of conflict, unpleasantness, real work in the real world doesn't make peace. quite the contrary.
At 7:01pm on December 18, 2008, amit agarwal said…
yest i replied to your question.can we talk more.
At 6:30pm on December 18, 2008, Adam Neiman said…
of course, Ana. maybe if you model them & people see how beautiful they are they will come & buy.

what perplexes me about David is that he said he wanted to do this. then he didn't get back to me. when I followed up a week or 2 later he told me I had dropped the ball, which simply wasn't true & I gently showed him the email record. then he said he wanted to do this- again. but when I tried to set up a time to speak by phone w/ my designer so as to get a sense of what IPEACE wanted for a design there was no reply. not even the decency to say "thanks, but no thanks." each of his emails are signed "Love, David" words like "peace, love, friend, making a difference" what do they mean? less than zero in the mouth of such a man. better an obscenity spoken in truth (bullshit comes to mind) than a beautiful word that is a lie.
At 2:11am on December 18, 2008, Adam Neiman said…
It seems incredible, doesn't it? I was discussing doing an IPeace T w/ David C- We would handle all costs, IPEACE would get $4 per shirt, we would provide graphics, etc. David feigned interest but wouldn't speak w/ my graphics designer so she could get an idea what the design would be. & he wouldn't speak w/ me by phone so I could get a commit on how IPEACE would promote to it's members before we spent the money to design & print. people want to spout platitudes & sing Kumbaya. when it comes to helping the Palestinians do something concrete to improve their conditions no one has the time of day. there's all these folks signed up to eradication of poverty and the folks running this site don't want to give them a chance to actually DO something to eradicate poverty. I can relate to the Palestinians and their outrage.
At 11:29pm on December 16, 2008, Robert said…
Hi Ana,
How is your holiday plan coming? Friends and family getting together? I think I may join my family at my sisters house, not certain if I will be able to..
Thank you for being a friend. Un ambrazzo por ti. Is that correct? LOL ~R
At 8:18pm on December 16, 2008, Adam Neiman said…
Ana, I have staked everything I have on my business initiative in the West Bank. I've gotten great press & nothing but words of encouragement. Nothing but. words without deeds will not build peace and prosperity. the Palestinians have had nothing but beautiful words. nothing but.

I can't find 10,000 people willing to invest the cost of a T-shirt in prosperity and cooperation w/ the Palestinians. and even if we don't get peace & prosperity, they would still get a great organic cotton t-shirt, produced at a Palestinian owned factory on Virgin Mary Street in Bethlehem. at a fair price. I simply can't believe it. My Palestinian partner has extended credit for these shirts, I have them here in the US to sell and w/ all the junk people get for Christmas, I can't find just 10,000 people willing to put their money where there mouths are.

& time is running out. for my business here, for my Palestinian partner in Bethlehem.
At 7:47pm on December 16, 2008, amit agarwal said…
At 6:24pm on December 16, 2008, Fiorello said…
Gorgeous photos Ana, thank you bella:)!
At 7:37am on December 16, 2008, Ryan Trevor said…
Big Hug Back! RT
At 5:49am on December 16, 2008, Cassie Fickley said…
Hi Ana, thank you so much!! I'm so excited about Obama and can't wait to see what he can do for the world. He has a huge opportunity in front of him and I hope he seizes it and brings back love for our country, because we are disliked by many. Brazil sounds amazing and I hope to visit sometime. The university I attend does a mission trip to Brazil every year, but I am going to the one in Calcutta.

Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!

Your friend,
At 1:07am on December 16, 2008, Franck dobermann said…
Thank you ! Grazie ! ;)

Peace and Light, Always ,
We are all One

At 4:15pm on December 15, 2008, David Califa said…
Ana hi. Do you belong to facebook?

Please join our new group there: Peace bloggers unite
At 3:17pm on December 15, 2008, Gabriel Tomas said…
Hi U beauty, thanks to be my frend.
At 11:43pm on December 14, 2008, Zsófia Virág Szobonya said…
Hi Ana,
Beautiful photos, thanks I can see that.
At 8:42pm on December 14, 2008, Robert said…
Ana banana,
I was wishing I was somewhere south last night so I could be warm!! LOL It is getting cold in the desert, down near 0 C at night. I used to like the cold, and it still is ok for me, but I really like a warmer climate. Even now at 10:30am it is cold in the house with sun pouring in. This is one of the windiest place on earth, so when it is cold it cuts through this old house!
What is it like there? Tell me how warm it is.. I will close my eyes and let the sun shine on me and pretend that I am on the beach. Ahhh that sounds too good! Hope you are feeling great today and that you have lots of people to hug you and smile at you! Shanti, Robert
At 10:43am on December 14, 2008, Robert said…
Hi Ana,
How are you? Hope that you are very happy! Unity! Robert

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