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At 10:20am on January 28, 2015, Quanah Pace said…

Chewbit, how are you ? I am fine. I want to pick your brain. You have so much to give. Please take the time to explain to me your religion and do you believe Jesus is the Savior? Anything you  could tell me I would love to know. Take care and I will be back when I can. Love and peace. Q_

At 7:51am on January 26, 2015, Quanah Pace said…

 Hey ! I was so surprised to hear from you ! Sorry you've had so many health problems. I couldn't sleep one night so I got on the internet and thought about," I Peace." Then I  decided I'd try and see if anyone I knew was still on here. I wrote to several people but you are the only one I have heard from. How am I doing ? Well, I guess about the same. No more but no less either.Have you heard from any of our old cronies ? Well, I guess I will try to sleep now. Take care and write back. Q _

At 10:55pm on January 19, 2015, Quanah Pace said…

Chewbit, are you still on I Peace ? If you are, write back and let me know how you are doing ?

At 7:45am on September 16, 2011, Frida Konto said…

I wsih you TRUTH, FREEDOM and LOVE always. In the name of the Most High, all Ascended Masters and the Divine Powers... may it be so.


At 11:50am on September 15, 2011, Frida Konto said…
I feel honored to be here with you. Thank you.
At 9:30pm on July 7, 2011, Lana said…

Thank you, Chewbit, for your wisdom and knowledge, and what you have come to teach.

I hope we listen.



At 12:34pm on July 7, 2011, Lana said…

Thank you, Chewbit

That's excellent your far memory.  Only a small proportion of my clients access other worlds but it's fascinating when they do.

Good luck for your work!



At 4:02pm on July 6, 2011, Lana said…

Dear Chewbit

Thank you for the story of the Zjal.  I work with past lives, and that includes regressions with other Star Systems.  I value your work.

Love, Peace and Light!


At 2:33am on July 5, 2011, Sharon Kay Mustin Summmerford said…

I almost got named Kitty Kay instead of Shaorn Kay after my mother's two sisters.  The names were place in a top hat. 


Happy 4th of July Blessings. 


Love   Kitty aka Summer or kitten

At 1:00am on June 7, 2010, Eva said…

iPeace is deleted from David Califa the end of June. Here you can find a new home.

You are cordially invited.

Love and Light, Eva
At 4:14am on March 5, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…

Chewbit Daniel
Thank you for your comment and your insight into the spirit of Gaia
much love and peace
Love, Gaia
At 2:30am on March 5, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…
Come join our Group
Gaia Mother Earth,thanks
This is the first group that I opened
I hope you enjoy
I wish you much peace and love
At 1:54pm on February 1, 2010, Michael Goebel said…
Yes, Mate! hahaha - but I can't speak with my mouth full :-)
At 11:27pm on January 9, 2010, Chewbit Daniel Wing said…
Part 3

Perhaps I should tell you that just above your planet in orbit are many military platforms each having capabilities that render your privacy and security a shadow of what you think it is. These stations have both advanced weapons abilities as well as surveillance and tampering capabilities. Perhaps you have seen these platforms?

They can actually be seen with 6 inch telescopes. I have been Dubai and have utilized specially configured telescopes originally designed for military Black operations but were purchased by the elite. Telescopes with technology that allows for the removal of scintillation form the image while looking out of the atmosphere. Completely capable of looking at the surface of the moon and seeing the structures built there eons ago.

We both agree that the atrocities committed on unsuspecting peoples has got to end and this can only happen if the people themselves are made aware. Knowledge is the only way to stop this happening and getting the people to listen is nearly impossible unless they awaken or actually experience these things themselves.

At 11:20pm on January 9, 2010, Chewbit Daniel Wing said…
Part 2

What you are probably not aware of is the deception this same group had in the creation of the Muslim faith. As you know throughout history wars were started to control the people, specifically when the population was getting large and uncontrollable. Knowing that throughout history deception was used more often than not.

Well before Christianity or the Muslim religions the ancient religions had started the manipulation of the people. Today in this world with its advanced nations and even more advanced technologies, some which appear god like in function, is it the elite who control the media and politics as well as the church.

Ali, you are in a position to bring knowledge to many but it is most important to do this through understanding and with knowledge. Understanding that not all students are willing to accept things that do not fit within the fine lines that the world has taught them is reality. My telling you these things alone has probably crossed that line a few times. But it is your choice to determine if what I bring is truth.

Of course I can provide proof within reason but even I am limited as to what I am allowed to provide. mainly because until certain events come to pass I am limited by requirements placed on me by Creation itself when it comes to dealing with young civilizations. If I were to provide technological information, how long would it be before that information would be weaponized or used for ill gotten gains?

If your world knew of the technology taken from crashed visitor ships and turned into weapons platforms the perception of living in a safe environment would be gone.

See part 3
At 11:01pm on January 9, 2010, Chewbit Daniel Wing said…

I am honored at your offer, please understand though I have been US military and awakened to a greater reality that includes many lifetimes on this world as well as many others. I incarnated here around 351BC. Since that time I have lived many lives in many countries on this world. The express purpose to gain experienc in understanding the human plight in as many different ways as possible.

How can One teach if One does not understand? I have been a member of many races and religions including Muslim and Christian. What I bring from off world is the knowledge that religions are the teachings of men and therefore fallible. Earthly religions have little importance to the greater scheme of things in a galactic view that encompasses many worlds.

Understand this I am also concerned in providing truth, because in truth lies knowledge, in knowledge lies ascension. I am ascended returned. I have ascended on many worlds and incarnated many times.

Your world is within an ascension cycle, it is a process that not only deals with terrestrial matters but also with the actual positioning of your solar system within relation to the Galactic Plane of this galaxy.

Understanding that the center of this galaxy as in all others lies the heart of Creation understanding this is paramount to your world learning truth. The Cross that is so important to Christian religion is a symbol that goes much further back to a time before the previous civilization. In fact There was no cross at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus, instead a single post was used as wood was scarce. It was the organization that complied what is called the Bible who created the false story of the death of Jesus and its purpose for being the saving of souls.

See part 2
At 7:48pm on January 9, 2010, Ali Afifi said…
I welcome your friendship in peace, love and light and welcome dear friend to join my social network for questions about Islam and Quran if u are interested or if there are any misunderstandings or misconceptions about them.

Visit The Truth
At 1:04am on January 9, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…
Come join our Group
Gaia Mother Earth, Gaia Madre Tierra
This is the first group that I opened
I hope you enjoy
I wish you much peace and love
Ven y únete a nuestro grupo
Gaia Madre Tierra, Gaia Madre Tierra
Este es el primer grupo que me abrió
Espero que disfruten de
Le deseo mucha paz y amor
At 4:11am on October 22, 2009, Warren Jeffrey Motter said…
At 5:27pm on September 26, 2009, Loving TreeOfLife said…

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