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At 1:07pm on February 26, 2012, leonardo martin negrin said…
At 7:26pm on December 8, 2011, mody Ibrahem said…

Gaia , how are you ?long time i was not here ,but i am  back again

thank you for  join Legends lovers  group 

and feel free to share  and  post any  legends you know



At 8:47am on December 9, 2010, Riccardo Gramegna said…
At 11:07pm on October 13, 2010, Riccardo Gramegna said…

At 10:08pm on October 13, 2010, Riccardo Gramegna said…
ok... got it... sorry for the trouble.... officially my ID is Italian, my citizenship is european, but I wish there is a world citizen passport for me and my children in the 'new world'.... I'll have to wait... next life???
Really I didn't mean to bother you... I respect your point of view... I just wanted to verify if the idea I had in mind for many years was absurd or viable... thank you Gaia... friends?
At 9:14pm on October 13, 2010, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…

back Gaia, My iPeace Friend, to

"So Let's Make a Difference for You & Yours & Everyone" and

"Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing"

As You can see, We (the iPeace Family) are still here! "Enjoy Life"

At 6:58pm on October 13, 2010, Riccardo Gramegna said…
Hi! Gaia ... you know, I gave my daughter the name Gaia, ShantiGaia... she is now 26, two kids and another one on the way... Gaia is the name of the planet and I feel you are the right person for me to ask a question I always wanted to askabout Israel... Many years ago I was told that one of the meaning of the word Israel is God's domain, the Kingdom of God, where God rules. Is that right?
I could never understand why it was created a 'state', to limit Israel within boundaries? Isn't it Gaia the land of Israel?

I know a bit of all the other stories about Jacob and his twelve sons, but wouldn't it be nice if every Israelite could say... "wherever I am, I am in Israel" and forget about having a 'state' with boundaries, a flag, a national team...
If the world is one, if all humans are brother and sisters, if we all are citizen of one world, all the crap of 'nationalism', geopolitica boundaries and consequent wars should go, disappear... who is going to start? I see the people of Israel having an historic opportunity do change the world!
I do not want to bother you if you find this question irritating... it is not my intention... I sincerely would like to know if such interpretation could possibly give peace a chance..

At 12:04am on June 13, 2010, Eva said…

iPeace is deleted from David Califa the end of June. Here you can find a new home.

You are cordially invited.

Warm regards, EvaDelete Comment
At 8:17pm on May 26, 2010, Dave Kenyon said…
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here. The spiritual journey is the relinquishment, or unlearning, of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts." --Marianne Williamson

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Love is the most prescious gift one can give and giving the gift of love begins with your gift of love to yourself. Love yourself without condition; radiate love to all you encounter and remain open and accepting of all the love that comes your way. ~Dave Kenyon
At 5:27pm on May 20, 2010, Kalsi : We are all one . said…
Hi ! namaste ... Thanks a lot for your my friendship acceptance. Please keep in touch . My love and best wishes !!!
At 3:40pm on March 3, 2010, Bassam said…

At 4:33pm on December 21, 2009, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…

At 4:32pm on December 21, 2009, Urus Fret said…
Is'nt it nice----

When balance hit's, stretch out for the hidden force,
that divides the light and the dark,
and let it be the water you drink--------
Oh, is'nt it nice to be here, in between movement and time,
to be watching the skies, as they reminds us, of what we can be-----

Let nothing affect you,
be ready for the games of the Cosmic Wizzard,
as we empty the bottle of faith-------

Emotions follows the thought patterns, as the interchange-ability,
puts us smoothly through, the transforming chambers, that life
is made of-------
Oh, is'nt it nice to be here, on the egde, of the universe, counting
the stars, wonderin how many, we need for our future plans------
At 12:38am on November 19, 2009, Warren Jeffrey Motter said…

At 10:42am on October 25, 2009, mody Ibrahem said…
At 4:57am on October 25, 2009, mody Ibrahem said…
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peace,love Gaia
At 5:09pm on October 24, 2009, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…

At 1:37pm on October 24, 2009, mody Ibrahem said…
LOVE Pictures, Images and Photos
At 1:28pm on October 24, 2009, Muntaser said…
me too.
in which city you are?
At 1:25pm on October 24, 2009, mody Ibrahem said…
Shabbat Shalom 01 Pictures, Images and Photos
hugs .

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