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At 1:06pm on March 15, 2011, G.P. said…
At 6:14pm on February 12, 2011, Norma Fares said…

Between Green, Water and Liberty and my inner-soul is a Natural relationship!

From the beautiful Middle East, please allow me to share with you my new created blog where we can smell Water, hug Trees and breathe Insights! Your visit is welcomed. Your input and collobaration is highly appreciated!

Peace and Love from my Green Lebanon:)!

At 5:19pm on February 12, 2011, Tree-Life said…

yes - a beautiful soul ... and a good time to connect - time of change for freedom!

Good to be friends.


At 4:18pm on February 5, 2011, Tree-Life said…

Welcome to Tree-Life Group. It is good to meet another Tree-Friend. I hope you enjoy our numerous discussions and beautiful pictures.




At 2:57am on March 26, 2010, David Gould said…
...and love is standing for Peace.
At 5:58pm on March 24, 2010, Apolonia said…
At 2:25pm on January 15, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…
Come join our Group
Gaia Mother Earth,thanks
This is the first group that I opened
I hope you enjoy
I wish you much peace and love
At 6:09pm on January 14, 2010, Eva said…

Thank you Norma, that you have joined the group "The Gift of Gratitude."

Love and Blessings,


At 6:01pm on January 14, 2010, Eva said…
Thank you for your invitation dear Norma. My blog entry was intended as ironic. It is sad when, in his own country is not allowed to see the sea. In 1974 I was for a long time in Beirut. There is before my eyes the first bomb fell into a house. There remained only a ruin. For me, the contrast between the splendor and destruction was enormous. I've never seen so blue-colored sea, as in Lebanon. And in the background the mountains. It was like a paradise.
At 12:34pm on January 6, 2010, Philip Watling said…
Well said Norma; it is up to all of us to help bring about change. I am no prophet and cannot tell people what to do. My book does not set out a plan to unify anyone. No, it is a simple tale of my life, my death and my resurrection, but therein lies a reason for living - for everyone living. People reading the book will find inspiration and it may even prompt them to think differently. From that, peace can come.
At 11:17pm on December 30, 2009, nikos labropoulos said…


At 9:20pm on December 29, 2009, Norma Fares said…
"Love for every human", well said dear. Thanks for your thought.
May in 2010, Love and Peace embrace the planet! Life is so beautiful. It's so hard to miss living it to the full:)
From the Beautiful Middle East...lots of love and blessings!
At 9:15pm on December 29, 2009, nelly knopper said…

At 3:04am on December 22, 2009, David Gould said…
Hi Norma, From a frozen Scotland covered in snow tonight comes this warm greeting and thank you for adding me. We stand together for the Peace that will come through us and that is us. We stand against tyranny and injustice, against poverty and disease but above all we stand for the dignity and respect owing to every person on this planet.
At 11:40am on November 30, 2009, Apolonia said…

At 4:37pm on November 27, 2009, Maria Sotomayor said…

I just read your words in "The Global We" I could feel your heart!
From my heart to yours,
Love, Peace, evolution,
At 9:38pm on November 5, 2009, gunilla caisson said…
There are my ways of presenting oneself I do it through my writings *smile*

It all starts with the children. I write about that in ”The Child Within All these children that are neglected or abused become our ” Barefoot Children” Some survive against all odds. That’s our ”Dandelion Children”

Many have to deal with this their inner child as grown ups since that is our ”Sauce of Peace” and the neglected child need its redress to be able to give and share.

Some devote their life to ”The reconnaissance for a God” while others do believe so strongly so they are willing to commit ”War and Violence in the name of God”

What do we think about all these issues? Which are our OWN thoughts without quotes, That can be told In ”You are the Source” since your thoughts are as valuable as someone else’s.

So much around us and inside us is sad so ”We cannot always Shine” that is OK. Admitting our sorrow and grief is the first step to healing and peace.
We can also find ourselves through ”Sagas, Dreams and Myths” within witch so much human wisdom is hidden.
We can close our eyes and just remember through all the music our heart and soul has saved, and we can share it with others in ”Unforgettable Music”
We can travel to get inspiration and understanding for our different cultures. Why not go to ”Sweden starting in Lapland” You will find my roots there involved in the midnight sun and the northern light *smile*

But you do not have to travel so far to find what counts the most in life ; ”small close things” which surround us all but to which we do not pay enough attention

Hope seeing you somewhere /Gunilla
and never forget that "Grief is not a disease". but a part of life*smile*
At 2:26pm on October 27, 2009, s <3 said…
At 10:11am on October 27, 2009, mody Ibrahem said…
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