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At 11:02pm on February 25, 2012, leonardo martin negrin said…
At 6:40am on September 7, 2010, Shells said…

Wishing you many gifts from treasures found in the sea. I love the ocean and photography.. So I send this gift of the ocean from the bay of San Francisco.. Enjoy the day..Blessed be, Shells
At 2:51pm on June 15, 2010, gunilla caisson said…

It all starts with the Children.
So I should become very pleased if you joined my new Network
“Children Are the Future” on SocialGo
Since Ning will shut down. We had to start all over
A challenge we will manage with your help *smile*

At 2:29am on June 9, 2010, Eva said…

iPeace is deleted from David Califa the end of June. Here you can find a new home.


You are cordially invited.

Warm regards, Eva
At 8:52am on June 5, 2010, Dave, aka Rhumour said…
Must the people of Gaza suffer ever more,
can none bring aid to their ravaged shore?
There have been so many years of deprivation,
for the families of this tiny nation,
when will their plight at last be declared
too horrendous for moral views to be pared?

The United Nations have much reason to blush,
for allowing the many crimes to be hushed,
no actions like those in neutral seas,
should be unpunished despite the pleas,
from soldiers armed in ways that just appall,
for why were they sent to board at all?

Those goods and people had already been inspected
by Turkish allies of Israel, thus protected,
no arms or harmful goods were being sent,
unless you can claim that of sugar and cement!

Time has come to call for a neutral force,
to police the borders and thus enforce,
the rights of all to goods they need,
while keeping at bay all terror seed.

June 2nd 2010
At 8:52am on June 5, 2010, Dave, aka Rhumour said…
Michael, please consider adding your voice to a new Peace Petition at:- http://www.thepetitionsite.com/536/petition-to-assist-peace

This is linked to the activities of Voice for Peace, which is migrating from ning to Spruz at: - http://voiceforpeace.spruz.com/

Thank you!
At 3:07am on May 17, 2010, Frank Giuliani said…

My Cup Runs Over Have you ever wondered why God gives so much? We could exist on far less. He could have left the world flat and gray; we wouldn't have known the difference. But he didn't.

He splashed orange in the sunrise
and cast the sky in blue.
And if you love to see geese as they gather,
chances are you'll see that too.
Did he have to make the squirrel's tail furry?
Was he obliged to make the birds sings?
And the funny way that chickens scurry
or the majesty of thunder when it rings?
Why give a flower fragrance?
Why give food its taste?
Could it be
he loves to see
that look upon your face?

If we give gifts to show our love, how much more would he? If we - speckled with foibles and greed - love to give gifts, how much more does God, pure and perfect God, enjoy giving gifts to us?

At 8:05pm on April 16, 2010, Eisley Sage Womban Story Teller said…
Blessings Brother!!
At 10:52pm on March 31, 2010, Clicia Pavan said…

Easter means crossing
Today is a different day,
A day to feel the light soul
To remember that life is renewed
Much peace and love
Happy Easter Day

At 7:50pm on March 8, 2010, Lynn Shedler said…
Michael: I have been very busy working!!! Health Plan - we have most of it all!!
That's O.H.I.P.!! And over the years a lot of "things" have been cut off. But if a person has their own plan like I do from Bell Canada; where I work - we have everything!! From Dental to glasses and more. It all depends on who you work for... I didn't go to University for nothing, Sweetpea!!! I'm hardly ever here so please free to contact me at: lynnshedler@hotmail.com and we
At 7:45pm on March 7, 2010, Dina said…
peace Pictures, Images and Photos
At 9:41am on March 4, 2010, melody said…
At 3:23am on February 6, 2010, tim max said…
very pleasure be your friend, hugs
At 12:42am on February 6, 2010, Stephanie said…
when i have heard from my folks what is written in the paper there about how things are done here, it is quite different (actually about wars in the last years)...one has to read all the papers everywhere to see how reporters get their news....and screw some of it up! Excuse my French!!
good night from the ol' country, Italy
At 1:31am on February 5, 2010, Wysteria Whisper said…
Thank you for the video Michael C. Dewey, I always have and always will pray for Israel among others that need peace very badly. I wear a 6pointed star every day of my life. My heart goes out to them. Blessings!
Peace, Love, Light
At 8:06pm on February 4, 2010, Eau Douce said…
Aloha Thank you for the link!
a very good model of integrity ..
Love EauDOuce
At 6:41pm on February 4, 2010, Stephanie said…

here is the town I live in Perugia
At 6:40pm on February 4, 2010, Stephanie said…
If you want I can get you mòore money details.
that should do it
moving to Italy? It is a bureucratic mess here...lovely and lovely food but oh my, even jobs...very hard to find them. And as an artist, don't even mention it!!!
must go
everything is waiting for me here...like usual
thanks for asking hope my answers help
At 6:39pm on February 4, 2010, Stephanie said…
page two
the euro....people took advantage and just made everything double except for paychecks. Smile!
But basically, amazing things have haoppened here where my hubby even, was with me in the hospital for a week when my first daughter was born...and neither of us paid a dime. A full week. And he slept in the bed next to me!!
Lots oftimes you have towait forever for an appt but then, the amount paid is not a private visit (sometimes you are forced to go privately since it is hard to get an appt=
At 6:37pm on February 4, 2010, Stephanie said…
I wanted to get more technical details ahbout healthcare here in Italy. My hubby is super busy these days, wanted him to give me more details...
anyhow, I know that if I go to the doctor (we pay, but can't tell you how much)I can go as many times as I want...then HE sends me to a specialist if I need one. There I pay the "ticket" which is about 16 euro (twnty dollars?) and then when I need medicines some are covered, a LOT of them are, and others are mine to pay. Prices here have gone doubled with the euro did you hear me DOUBLED. When the euro came

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