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At 1:38pm on February 10, 2014, Ibrahim Attah said…

Dearest One.

I am Mr Ibrahim Attah, I have something very important to shear with you. contact me through my Email Address: for more details.

Ibrahim Attah.

At 1:31am on December 20, 2009, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…

"Happy Trails" & "Happy Enlightenment"

At 1:26am on December 20, 2009, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…

back Videha, to

"So Let's Make a Difference for You & Yours & Everyone" and

"Happy Trails" & "Happy iPeaceing" & "Happy Holidays"

Hippy Al
At 9:43pm on November 22, 2009, Lisa MacDonald said…
At 12:37pm on October 8, 2009, MommaToldMeNotToCome said…
Bonjour Videha! Comment allez-vous? Paix et Harmonie! *sourire* --Christie

At 6:50am on September 16, 2009, Rèmy said…
Bonjour mon ami Videha - Un bref passage sur ta page juste pour prendre de tes nouvelles et te rappeler que tu es invité au 1er anniversaire du groupe "iPeace francophones" sur Ipeace. INVITATION Ce sera un plaisir et un honneur de te compter parmi les amis présents.
Amitiés - Rémy
At 5:25pm on July 2, 2009, Eau Douce said…
Aloha Videha dear brother,
Thank you for your marvelous sharing!
I hope your book get published!
I started many books myself but never ended one!
I guess I am lazy and I like better talking in an interview.

You know I have been working on film documentary for many years which is now at the editing stage
and I also hold a dear Vision of a website to create where you could add your Wisdom
as your PHD
your Profound Honorable Declaration
in the Tzolkin at your Mayan Glyph.
As a short video about 5 minutes.

I have been in quite some stress lately and also my internet connection is so slow it just disconnect my inspiration.
I am doing very well now, the stress was due to the selling of my paradise of 5 acres in Quebec that I felt I had to sell to have some money to activate all my Visions.
I have beautiful GrandChildren who are very attached to this place...

But my body was giving me many signs as shallow breathing and panic attack which is just not me at all....
So I was invited for Summer Solstice as a presenter in Ontario to Wiccan Fest to activate the Galactic Culture of Peace.

I met many young People and one named Mattew who helped me decode many people and also told me:
O"Douce you should organize a Galactic Festival there is nothing for us the young people!

So I came back home to Quebec and felt I could activate in Canada and that I had been offer another magical mission. So now that is part of my new mission to organize a Galactic Festival....
Who wants to play with me?
Also on youtube I am adding slowly some videos:

As for your friend She is a Yellow Overtone Seed
The best for you is to go to
and decode her
then you will have the full Galactic Signature.
Also look for 2008 it will reveal you what She is this year.
With my Grandchildren In Tingwick Quebec Canada

At 10:44am on June 16, 2009, Robert said…
Hi Videha,

Como Esti? Good to see your face and your message of love for everyone!!!

WE love you too!

Hope you are very well and very happy my friend and brother. :-)
At 3:58pm on May 20, 2009, Claudia Vermeulen said…
dear Videha,,,thank you for your i did see it for the first time...i am out of town for months now..have to move several family to another houses...hope to be back in summer....i wish you a time full of love..
with love

At 2:14pm on April 13, 2009, elizabeth said…

At 2:12pm on April 13, 2009, elizabeth said…

At 2:11pm on April 13, 2009, elizabeth said…

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At 8:41pm on April 12, 2009, Christel Meisters said…

Hello my dear Friend

Thanks a lot for your Dutch ;-) comment.

Sending Easter Blessings & Love your Way
all wrapped up in a big Hug as always.

At 5:46am on April 10, 2009, Lisa MacDonald said…
At 1:01am on April 10, 2009, Eau Douce said…
Aloha Videha
How are You on this day?
I wish to tell You how your Words in flowing Poetry
has touched deeply my Heart.

You know You are 51 so You are living
the same Cycle as when You were a little foetus.

It is a time for nurturing your Inner Child
and to heal whatever could be healed before you are reborn at 52.
At 52 You wil be again the White Lunar WorldBridger and considered an ELder. It is a cycle of 52 years before You come back to your same Power as Your Birth.

So Yes I want to play and share with you
Your Mayan Signature
You were born as a

White Lunar WorldBridger
I polarize in order to stabilize challenge
I equalize opportunity with the Power pf Death
I Am guided by the Order of Endlessness
I Am a Galactic Activation Portal
Spirit enter me

Your Planetary purpose is
RED MAgnetic Serpent

I unify in order to survive attracting Life Force

As Now you are starting a new Cycle of 13 years
where your Personal and PLanetary purpose is
So this year you are:

Blue Magnetic Monkey
I unify in order to play
attracting ilusion with the Power of Magic
I Am guided by MAgic power double

find out more at


At 9:56am on April 7, 2009, elizabeth said…

At 9:26am on April 7, 2009, elizabeth said…

At 9:42pm on April 5, 2009, Irit Hakim-Keller said…
Hello dear,
i am very happy to see you back into activity. thank you for your for your nice words on my wall - they are very touching....i know what you mean by them...

as for Noa - she does not know me in person. but it is very nice of you to go speaking to her. she is a marvelous singer.

much happiness and love to you
At 3:28pm on April 3, 2009, Elisabetta said…
Just passing by and leaving a flower to welcome spring
I hope you are well and happy
Hugs and Peace

At 10:47pm on March 5, 2009, videha said…
BARACK OBAMA 4/March/2009

You know, there's a lot of talk in this country about the federal deficit. But I think we should talk more about our empathy deficit -- the ability to put ourselves in someone else's shoes; to see the world through the eyes of those who are different from us -- the child who's hungry, the steelworker who's been laid-off, the family who lost the entire life they built together when the storm came to town. When you think like this -- when you choose to broaden your ambit of concern and empathize with the plight of others, whether they are close friends or distant strangers -- it becomes harder not to act; harder not to help."
Barack Obama

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