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At 3:51am on November 13, 2009, MommaToldMeNotToCome said…
Hello Quintus! Wishing you a wonderful day! Peace and Light! luv and hugs! --Christie

At 6:08pm on November 11, 2009, harry versluijs said…
Dear Francis,
it's not so much the little things that I mentioned before as well a matter of time.
Through iPeace I met dr. Ali Afifi and his network the Truth.
There's a lot of work there to be done for which I'm better qualified.
But f.i. today I have been doing little else but answering emails, this is too much.
I have to make choices,
For the time being I'll stay here but can not contribute any thing, except the completion of my blog Heavenly Peace.
The contact with the Truth has gone deep in a short while. In the early 90's I painted the Passion of the Christ, 14 visions and prayers that came through.
I told dr. Ali about this in answer to a comment he sent me.
He reacted immediately by sending me his emailaddress and chatbox on gmail, haven't got time yet to put that together even though I have been working from 9 this morning. It is now 5 in the evening, eat and then back to the keyboard: tomorrow I'm off to see Peter who's going to the hospital now on a daily basis for radiation...
I'm too busy with these networks, God says: Do one thing at a time and do that well...
So I'll shortly send you my email, will stay on until at least the blog is finished, but stop reading the invitations etc. that come my way, I'm only there once. Here I'm there for you,
my dear friend,
Love&Light to you,
At 10:11pm on November 10, 2009, harry versluijs said…
Dear Francis,
the Charter of Compassion is an initiative of iPeace, it was announced, like all other messages, personal and about iPeace, in my mailbox, you know these short messages (A.F.Q. Andradi left a comment on your profile etc.
Not only am I a little lost too on this site, it is not my cup of tea. I find it leans too hard on its members, it annoys me, this compassion thing annoys me, what God do these people know and what backward and insulting opinions do they have on other religions? I don't even want to know. That is why I will leave iPeace, as well as the Compassion site, I met Ali Afifi here, the creator of the Truth, and although the Truth isn't easy either, the tone of conversation is courteous and polite, a bit of good manners opens doors, and dr. Afifi is very attentive, place as much as a picture or a single rule as a blog, he will comment on it.
That's more like it, and in the long run more likely to get a positive result, friendships and disputes that break down walls of prejudice, this makes the world better as we speak.
I will send you a message in your inbox here, with an email address, I truly value our friendship, and I will wait with leaving iPeace until I heard from you. Please accept this held out hand, I have more friends who were on sites they had to let go because they were overloaded, but we still write on a regular basis.
Here I include my contribution to the Charter for Compassion, I let my pet on SPP speak of it, and many children will read it. They too give divine comments through their pets more often, like: "Don't limit God", "God=Good", "Love U One&All" etc.
Like these children we have to be to inherit God's Paradise, that will only be reached when we're too tired too battle...

At 2:22am on November 10, 2009, harry versluijs said…

Hello Francis,
pray you're allright.
Read (about) the Charter of Compassion. My contribution will be to let my pet in SuperpokePets (picture) tell all my little friends about Compassion. In real life my friends are not very computerminded. However, we help one another where we can. It's a little bit odd for me to talk about acts of compassion except in an atmosphere of privacy. Again a site where I'll be present as a member, to watch, but I was raised in the conviction one should not let one hand know what the other one does...Ask my religious leader to hold a service on compassion? Where do these people live?
My friends Bern & Jane D., preacher and his wife, don't even have a computer. They show nothing but compassion but never talk about this, except in a one on one situation. Wonder, have you looked into this already?
Love&Light ,
At 4:32pm on November 8, 2009, s <3 said…
Hi Quintus,

I will never forget you :) xox

At 6:59pm on November 4, 2009, George Williston said…
Hello Adolphus,
I agree with you entirely. As an American I am part of a culture that teaches the opposite, to be selfish, greedy, and settle disputes with violence. I have written a book on the contrasts between the cultural teachings and the teachings of Christ who traveled to India and Tibet to learn and develop with the masters.
At 5:32pm on November 4, 2009, harry versluijs said…
Dear Francis,
thank you for your feedback,
yes, I like to battle sometimes, but I feel no anger in me. A dispute sometimes clears the sky!
But I take to heart what you say, thank you for your advice!

I think Lilac had a hand in placing my blog, she reacted most positively, thank God for her presence!

I'm off for one or two days, first to G., to be with him tonight, and tomorrow I'll see Peter.

Will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Love you!


At 4:59am on November 3, 2009, harry versluijs said…
Finally Francis!
Once I start something I'll finish it, no matter how long it takes! It took a mail (email) to iPeace, 3 attempts to publish, then I decided to send Lilac a message. The blog appeared right away!
In my mail to iPeace/me I complainted about the Change: they want to look into everything we put on our page to "see"what items are the best to feature. I told them that I should be the only one to decide what's on my page, as long as I don't insult anyone or intently hurt people's feelings I think that should be the case. `the arguments used in their mail about the change are dubious to my taste.
What do you think of this?
At 2:46am on November 3, 2009, harry versluijs said…
Dear Francis,
there is a typo in the end of my previous message to you: "mrs. Ding Zilin talking about the loss of her sun Tien"should of course be; HER SON. But it's a nice typo, to much work to correct it here.
At 2:28am on November 3, 2009, harry versluijs said…

God tells me to post this to you so at least you may read this.

This is an attempt to connect dots; like a graphic puzzle, drawing a line from one number to the next an image appears.
ìt's about how something that happened on the other side of the world touched me and motivated me to write about something outside myself.
Even though apparently the goal was not reached in'89 a seed was planted - if it die...
This blog is also about how a plan (Ï want to be a musician") would open up the way to a destiny I could not foresee - it's about the long and winding road that would lead me here, to you.

It's about the Butterfly Effect -


(Are there Things More Important Than Music?)

1989 was a year to remember: the Berlin Wall came down, in China young people tried to move things around, for a better China and thus, for a better world.
In 1989 I also met the members of a local heavymetalband, Sons Of The Rain. Having heard me play on local radio they approached me and asked me to write material for them. We were worlds apart, but sometimes extremes do meet, we got together and played, improvising, so I could get the feel of their music. I was pleasently amazed at the wonderful mix of Fleetwood Mac, Metallica, U2 and other stuff they had turned into a genuine sound of their own; they played their own songs, the names are just an indication of wat it sounded like.
So I went home, excited but not really knowing what to write. We had conferred about this and agreed on the theme: Children & War. Just like the students in China they were young and idealistic. Then news began to seep through about Tienanmansquare, finally culminating in what we all remember: the 4th of June, the man in front of the tank...
It didn’t hit me at once, only by the end of ’89, when I saw a BBC documentary “The Gate Of Heavenly Peace” made by BBC Hongkong. My VCR in standbymode I recorded it – and saw history being made –
I watched it again and again, my daughters being the same age as these wonderful students and workers, I was totally impressed – it takes young people to turn things around, that much became clear to me.
Three things stuck by me after the countless times I watched this:
Cui Jian, performing on the square, singing his song “Nothing To My Name”. Subtitles helped to get the jist of his lyrics.
Chai Ling, she was 23 years old, in a long interview, concluding with the words:”Never forget what these children have done for you.”
Mrs. Ding Zilin, author and professor of Beijing University, speaking of the loss of her sun Tien.
I couldn’t resist Cui’s music, based on his lyrics I wrote “Charcoal In The Snow”, and 11 songs followed, forming the concept titled “We Got Angels.”
Mrs. Ding Zilin’s story left a lasting impression, understanding that repercussions would certainly follow we decided to keep a lid on publishing for the time being, until we might receive notice that the most prominent students and their professors would be out of the woods ....

to be continued

My feelings about publishing here are hard to describe...ambivalence...when we write we open up, opening up we become vulnerable. I'm quite used to being attacked; mostly opposition plainly reveals the Truth about the opposition itself.
This is the first decision in years that took me longer than 10 seconds to take.
Being aware of the scrutiny our work may undergo I'll take the risk.
If it's not appreciated I will simply take it somewhere else. It's up to you, reader, if it continues here or anywhere else. Once commenced the Work can not be stopped.
Whatever you may decide, know that I love you - this is all I have -

I have Nothing.

At 2:08am on November 3, 2009, harry versluijs said…
Hello Francis,
just tried to publish the first sequel to my blog "Heavenly Peace". Didn't see it appear on the list of all blogs. When I went to My Blog it seemed to have disappeared; I'll wait and see.
At 10:49pm on October 30, 2009, harry versluijs said…

Dear Francis,
thanks for your heartwarming comments. Yes, Peter's faith in God is unshakeable, he's able to see an upside in the most depressing situations. God is showing us what is real and what is not.....
Am very tired after a hectic week, tomorrow the concert will be a blessing, as this orchestra always is, there is a great love for music and people in the way they work, had the privilige to attend to several rehearsels, ever so exiting to see good musicians becoming one thing through the efforts of Tom van den Eynde, one of the youngest directors in europe, maybe in the world. They're going to be great if they carry on like this.
So, after taking this divine medicin, I will be back sunday evening. Take my laptop with me, I will check my mail before I turn in, so don't be bashful and write whenever you feel up to it.
I really enjoy our conversations,
God bless you and your loved ones,
Peace be with you!
At 8:57pm on October 30, 2009, Samy S.. said…
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At 4:15pm on October 30, 2009, harry versluijs said…
Dear Francis,
your words do me good. It is true, it's very hard to build a world for yourself by yourself, many times I pray: "Lord, send me people". And He does, he sent you, and Kumud Singh, and some others who across the great divide of space touch my heart.
When life is on the point of breaking me I find myself looking at the skies and finding comfort there, in nature, in letting go of myself. It's the only thing I'm good at...
These are troubled times, yesterday I looked up my friend Peter, who has been diagnosed with cancer, there are tumors everywhere but the worst one is in his brain.
I stayed with him as long as I could, from the afternoon till almost midnight, and still I'm sorry I had to leave him. He's such a trooper, not complainting, but I see the despair in his eyes. He loves God though, and sees this as an occasion to show his feelings for the ones he loves, something he was never really good at.
Next week I'm going to see him, will stay with him for a couple of days. For purposes like this I bought a little laptop, so I can take my work with me. This networkthing has become such a joy I wouldn't miss it for the world!
Going away for the weekend to a concert of the orchestra of a friend of mine, in Belgium, need a little outing.
After the weekend I'll write you more,
Love you,
God bless you,
At 5:38pm on October 29, 2009, s <3 said…
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sending love from my heart to your heart!
At 12:22pm on October 27, 2009, esoldier said…
hello neighbor

thanks for the support!!!!

hope good things happen to all of us


keep in touch!!!!
At 10:49am on October 27, 2009, esoldier said…
i'm Jash from india
i am a film student

i have made a video on world peace

Your Comment and Rating IS A MUST ON YOUTUBE.

please add this video to your BLOG /website/myspace/facebook account

At 1:31am on October 27, 2009, Matt Powell said…
I know there is a lot of ethnic strife to get past. I will continue to pray. If the Brits and the IRA can make peace in Northern Ireland, anythings possible, right?

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