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At 7:44pm on August 24, 2010, Riccardo Gramegna said…

At 5:26am on June 9, 2010, Eva said…

iPeace is deleted from David Califa the end of June. Here you can find a new home.

You are cordially invited.

Warm regards, Eva
At 9:34am on May 20, 2010, WARIS ALI said…
I am here just to wish u a very happiest day today.
take care
At 8:51am on April 21, 2010, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…

At 8:39am on February 8, 2010, Riccardo Gramegna said…

At 5:51pm on January 21, 2010, Nguyễn Thị Thanh Hương said…

At 8:16am on January 11, 2010, Sunil singh said…
Hi, Shukhpreet!
Wish you, your family and friends, a Happy New Year 2010. The very first line of your page, in particular, and other activities on the site attracted my attention to your maturity of vision. Keep it up, for this is something which is scarce these days because there is a mad rush on for many many mindless things.
At 2:51pm on January 8, 2010, jose said…

At 8:13am on January 8, 2010, Motorcycle Hippy Al said…
........."need to be free from oppression and to have access to education".....Sukhpreet Kaur

At 9:06am on December 29, 2009, WARIS ALI said…
Hello Sukhpreet

I am here just to remember my friend as well as to wish her a wonderful 2010.
May you have good health,peace,prosperity and more energetic active for world peace in comingg year.

Take care
Waris Ali
At 9:37pm on December 1, 2009, Riccardo Gramegna said…

At 9:28am on November 24, 2009, alok kumar tekriwal said…
pl. add me u friendship list
At 8:06am on November 24, 2009, Laurel Watson said…

At 7:47am on November 12, 2009, Charlina Cecena said…
At 1:52pm on September 16, 2009, Rene Wadlow said…
Dear Colleague,

For a number of years now, the UN has set 21 Sept as Peace Day. While we would like every day to be peace day, it is useful to have one common day during which many people and organizations reflect on a common theme. This 21 Sept the UN has set disarmament as the theme of the day. Also during Sept. the US President will chair a session of the UN Security Council devoted to disarmament which should attract some attention to the subject. Thus, I am sending my recent article on disarmament. While it says nothing new, it is up-to-date concerning UN negotiations. Thus, I thought that you could share it as a world citizen contribution with other groups marking the day. I am also sending it as an attachment as there are times when it is easier to copy an attachment. With all best wishes, Rene Wadlow

New Energy for a Nuclear-weapon-free World

Rene Wadlow*

Peace is the only battle worth waging. - Albert Camus

Almost from the moment that the first atomic bomb was detonated in New Mexico in July 1945, the menace of the nuclear age inspired visions of a world free of nuclear weapons. However, the efforts of Governments and popular anti-nuclear weapon movements have gone in cycles with some milestones such as the Russell-Einstein Manifesto in 1955, the 1970 ratification of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, and the 1982 2nd UN General Assembly Special Session on Disarmament.

There have also been long periods when attention focused only on USA-USSR nuclear issues, with short periods of attention given to India-Pakistan nuclear tensions or more recently the nuclear potential of North Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Even in non-nuclear arms control, there have been long barren periods. The Vienna conventional-forces-reduction talks continued for 16 years from 1973 without results until an improvement in relations between the Soviet Union and the United States led to the conclusion of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe in late 1990.

For over a decade, the UN disarmament body, the Conference on Disarmament, has been inactive, starved of resources, attention and serious human capital. Since the end of the Cold War in 1990 and thus the end of the danger of a Soviet-American nuclear conflict, the arms control emphasis of Governments have been on non-proliferation and on the danger of nuclear arms in the hands of non-State enemies such as terrorists. However, on 29 May 2009, the Conference on Disarmament was able to adopt at least a programme of work for negotiations to ban fissile material production for nuclear weapons, security assurances for non-nuclear-weapon States, and the prevention of an arms race in outer space. While negotiations will be difficult and easily blocked by using the “rule of consensus”, the programme is an important step forward. The programme shows a certain shift in the attitudes of Governments. This shift is also seen in the relatively favourable atmosphere in the most recent preparatory meeting for the 2010 Review Conference on the Non-Proliferation Treaty and the joint disarmament statements made by Russia and the USA in July 2009. Taken together, these measures suggest that Governments are slowly building momentum toward real progress in a multi-State framework.

With these steps on the part of Governments, it is crucial that the broader civil society, as structured through non-governmental organizations (NGOs), devote new energies to the creation of a nuclear-weapon-free world. There have always been NGOs which have had nuclear disarmament or general and complete disarmament as an important part of their mandates. Many NGOs would meet at an annual world conference in August in Hiroshima, and many have participated in the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conferences starting in 1975.

Nevertheless, there has been relatively little impact of NGOs on the over-all strategic doctrines of Governments. The NGO impact has been most felt in the lead up to the Treaty banning anti-personnel mines and the convention on cluster munitions. In both these efforts, humanitarian and human rights organizations, largely absent from earlier arms control efforts, played important roles. The same holds true for efforts to control the “small arms” conventional arms trade as conventional arms often assist in the perpetration of serious violations of human rights such as torture, the excessive use of force by security personnel, extrajudicial executions, and disappearances.

Now, it is an appropriate time to build a broad coalition of people and organizations to develop a world security framework and to review the strategic and arms policy of each State in the light of a world security framework. The renewed efforts of the Conference on Disarmament and the 2010 NPT Review can provide a focus for new civil society energies for a nuclear-weapon-free world.

* Rene Wadlow, Representative to the UN, Geneva, Association of World Citizens
At 2:51pm on September 14, 2009, WARIS ALI said…
Hello Sukhpreet

Very glad to see you here at this peace portal.I welcome you very warmly and hope that we all unite to changet he globe into real better globe free of war,racism,extremism and poverty.
I been in chandigarh twice.have ever in Lahore?

Peace 2 u
At 9:10am on August 27, 2009, Mingmar Tsering Lama said…
hi dear...just went throguh ur page and really appreciate everything u mentioned about Peace.well, guess what..I did my college fro Punjab University,Chandigarh.So, i hope we can be a good friend.which sector u stay in Chandigarh...i used to stay in 15'A' and used to study in Khalsa college,sector 11...I did my college from 2003 to 2003..BA..Now i am in ktm,wroking in a carpet export compnay as an OP(order proccessor)'s going good...anyway,take care and sending u my huge hug! catch it...bye
At 9:34am on August 3, 2009, PHILOXENIA said…
Dearest Sukhpreet!

Accept my friendship with a poem

Some friends are like a flower, and when they finally bloom,
they wilt away in just one day, and sometimes just by noon.

Some friends are like a cloudy day, and when the sun's in sight,
it gets blocked by the greyest cloud and day turns into night.

Some friends are like a maple tree, and with the slightest breeze,
the coloured leaves, they all come loose and float away with ease.

Some friends are like a circle, for they are always true,
I know I have a friend like that and yes, that friend is you.

The Rose © Nana Mouskouri

Click above

Greetings from Greece
PHILOXENIA Admin [Georgios]
At 9:40am on July 8, 2009, Valerie Smith said…

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